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Information contained on this page details our Post-High School Transition sites. 
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Students participating at one of our 13 post high school sites, affiliated with our ESE Transition School, are immersed in the business environment five days a week through unpaid, on-the-job training. Each day students work a morning and afternoon shift. The teacher provides one house of daily instruction that focuses on employability, self-advocacy and independence. Each site has unique rotations to expose the students to a variety of skills.

After meeting graduation requirements, students interested in gaining additional work skills will fill out an application with their home school. The school team and district personnel will then collaborate to find the best work experience for eligible students. 

Please click on our business partners logos below to download and view more information about their site

 AgriStarts  Burlington
 Grande Lakes
 Health Central Hospital Ocoee
 Health Central Park Marriott World Center

Second Harvest Food Bank

 Special Hearts Farm
 UCF  Winnie Palmer
ESE Transition School
Post High School Site 
Contact Information

Kimberly Blackman
(407) 968-1476

Errol Shrouder
(407) 968-1349

Grande Lakes

Matthew Barkevich
(407) 968-1328

Health Central Hospital

Lorraine Jacome
(407) 968-2861

Health Central Park
Sanyette Mckee
(407) 968-1338

Marriott World Center
Drifthnery Gonzalez
(407) 929-3234

Stacey Strom
(407) 968-1423

Second Harvest Food Bank
Tangela Campbell
(407) 925-5504
Daniel Robinson
(407) 925-5504


Peter Cole
(407) 968-2630

Special Hearts Farm
Kathy Meena
(407) 929-5013
Jennifer Elliot
(407) 929-4461

University of Central Florida
Lawrence Desquin
(407) 929-4247

Winnie Palmer Hospital
Penny McCarthy
(407) 968-1886