Parent Ambassadors 

The Parent Ambassadors can be contacted for one-one, parent-to-parent assistance with questions parents have regarding Exceptional Education and Orange County Public Schools. Parent Ambassadors are parents of children receiving Exceptional Student Education (ESE) services. They are available to listen and guide parents to the right person or process. They also conduct workshops on topics of interest for parents. The Parent Ambassadors can be reached at (407) 317-3200 x2614.


Florida Diagnostic and Learning Resource System is a statewide network servicing children with special needs or disabilities through support to educators, families and the community. For more information, visit or call (407) 317-3660. 


Interagency Community Guide

Social Security Incentives - For more information, visit


Transition Planning for Students with Disabilities: A Guide for Families and Procedures for Accessing the Guide – We are pleased to announce that Transition Planning for Students with Disabilities: A Guide for Families has been revised and is now available online through the Bureau of Exceptional Education and Student Services and Project 10: Transition Education Network. We also want to clarify procedures for accessing the guide. As many of you are aware, the Florida Department of Education warehouse and print shop were closed last year. As a result, we no longer have the capacity for bulk printing, storage, or dissemination of products. Our Bureau will keep a small number of guides stocked in the Clearinghouse for the purposes of disseminating on a one-per-request basis to individual family members. Districts, discretionary projects, and other transition stakeholders desiring bulk quantities are encouraged to download the PDF file of the guide from the Clearinghouse or the Project 10 website and print locally for training and dissemination efforts. We hope you will find the guide to be a great resource for families as well as classroom teachers and other secondary transition stakeholders.