Teachers Ratify Salary and Other Tentative Agreements for the 2018-19 School Year
Posted on 07/26/2018
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The Collaborative Bargaining Leadership Team of instructional Classroom Teachers Association (CTA) members and OCPS administrators are proud to announce that yesterday, Tuesday, July 24, 2018, the teachers ratified agreements for salary and other articles in the CTA contract. They passed by an overwhelming majority of 98.4 percent “yes” votes to 1.6 percent “no” votes.

Teachers will receive the $550 across the board salary increase, which will be a part of bi-weekly earnings, starting with the August 22 paycheck.  School psychologists will receive the $550 across the board increase, which will be a part of bi-weekly earnings, starting with the August 1 paycheck, and include retroactive pay to the beginning of the school psychologist’s work year.  The across the board increase for those instructional employees in half-time positions is $275 and will be paid as outlined above.

The remaining performance salary increase for teachers rated Effective and Highly Effective will be paid later in the school year after the district receives, verifies and calculates student learning growth scores from the state.  These scores will be added to the Instructional Practice Scores to give each teacher a "Summative" Evaluation score.

Teachers will receive a one-time, mid-year retention bonus in the amount of $500 per employee.  This bonus will be paid to all instructional personnel hired in benefited positions by December 21, 2018, and in an active employment status on the date the bonus is paid.  Bonuses are scheduled to be paid in the last paycheck in January 2019, depending on the employee’s payroll cycle.

Finally, the starting salary for new hires increased to $40,000.  Due to the increase in starting salary, the advanced degree supplements increase as follows:  Masters:  $2,815, Specialist:  $4,317, and Doctorate:  $5,693.

Congratulations to the CTA and to the teachers of OCPS!