Board reviews Code of Student Conduct (Feb. 6)
Posted on 02/06/2020

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The School Board of Orange County held its regularly-scheduled work session at 4:30 p.m. at the Ronald Blocker Educational Leadership Center. At this work session, the board discussed revisions to the 2020-21 Code of Student Conduct.


The purpose of the revisions is to assure compliance with all applicable federal, state laws, Florida State Board of Education Rules, Board policies, administrative rules, procedures and guidelines. As well as promote transparency and accountability in the expenditure of public funds and the use of public resources.


The highlighted proposed revisions to policy JIC include:

  • Dress Code
  • Bus Expulsion
  • School Environmental Safety Incident Reporting System requirements
  • Prescription drugs
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Buying and selling of restricted items and contraband
  • Theft


Next step: Policy JIC will go before the board at a future regularly-scheduled rule development workshop and school board meeting.


*Reminder* The audio of work sessions is live streamed on the School Board’s YouTube page and will be accessible from web browsers on computers or mobile devices. 

View the entire presentationListen to the work session.



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