Board reviews Teaching and Learning division
Posted on 03/03/2020

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As part of a series of budget work sessions, Orange County School Board members heard from the Deputy Superintendent, Minority Achievement Officer, Chief Academic Officer and two Associate Superintendents on the structure of departments within the Teaching and Learning division.

  • Minority Achievement Office
  • East Learning Community
  • North Learning Community
  • South Learning Community
  • Southeast Learning Community
  • West Learning Community
  • Innovation Office
  • High School Office
    • Athletics Office
  • Research, Accountability and Grants
    • Accountability and Improvement
    • Data Strategy
    • Research and Evaluation
    • Test Development and Measurement
    • Grants and Special Projects
  • Chief Academic Office
    • Curriculum and Instruction
    • Multilingual Services
    • Early Childhood Education
    • Advanced Studies
    • Psychological and Social Services
    • Student Services
    • Professional Learning
    • Federal Programs
    • Curriculum and Digital Learning
  • Career and Technical Education
      • Vocational and Technical Education
      • Adult and Community Education
      • CTE - Data and State Reporting
      • Marketing
      • CTE- Financial Services and Compliance
    • Exceptional Student Educational Services
      • ESE Policy
      • ESE Procedures
      • ESE Health and Specialized Services
      • ESE Specialized Support
    • School Choice Services
      • School Age Services
      • Student Enrollment
      • COMPACT Department
    • School Transformation Office

    The school board is reviewing organizational structure, programs, professional development, instructional materials and alternative centers, as well as district-wide costs as they relate to the process of Academic Return on Investment.

    You can view the entire presentation. The public will be able to view every budget work session throughout this series on the Board's YouTube channel where each meeting will also be live streaming.