Schools with USDA Programs no cost meals
Posted on 07/17/2020
OCPS News Release

Orange County Public Schools has identified efficiencies that allow students from families in poverty who are already qualified to receive federal aid to automatically be qualified to receive school meals at no charge. To reduce the duplication of processing eligibility applications, the Food and Nutrition Services program uses the existing database from the Florida Department Health to identify families already qualified for federal programs.
USDA regulations allow schools with a high number of students directly certified to qualify for the Community Eligibility Program (CEP). The decrease in paperwork for both parents, schools, and the food service program allows these resources to move to teaching and providing higher quality meals.
The schools listed below will participate in the CEP program. All students will eat meals at no charge and do not need an application in these schools.
USDA Community Eligibility Schools
New in FY21:

Previous Approved CEP Schools


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