MAO Peer Tutoring

Our MAO Peer Tutoring provides online math tutoring (Microsoft Teams) to middle and high school student. Student tutors are high school juniors and seniors who have demonstrated a high level of math achievement in the classroom and on state and national exams.

Students who would like tutoring may register below and our Peer Tutoring team will get to work on finding a tutor who is available during the time requested. Tutoring is available Monday -Thursday between 3 and 9pm, and Saturdays and Sundays between 12 and 4pm. If tutoring is needed outside of these hour we will work with students and tutors on an individual basis to meet their need. Tutoring occurs weekly on a quarter or semester basis. 

Tutors are identified by our Minority Achievement Office based on academic performance in previous math classes, GPA, and level of proficiency on state exams. However, all students are welcome to apply to be a tutor. 

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Commonly asked questions: 

Q: Do you offer tutoring for any other subjects? 
A: We do not formally identify tutors for other subject areas at this time. However, students are welcome to share information about support needed in other subjects on the registration and we will source available options. 

Q: Do you offer face-to-face tutoring? 
A: Our system is set up to support online tutoring, however, students and tutors can make agreed upon adjustments to meeting times and locations as needed. 

Q: Could I be paired with someone at school who I already know and work with at a specific time?
A: Yes!  Both of you will need to register below. In the registration/application indicate the name of the other student you would like to be paired with. 

Jennifer Bellinger
Minority Achievement Officer
[email protected]
407-317-3470 Ext. 200-2360

Kate Demory

District Resource Teacher
[email protected]
407-317-3470 Ext. 200-4301

Minority Achievement Office