ESOL Compliance 

Compliance pertains to all state, federal, and district mandates governing the education of our English language learners. Compliance issues are the responsibility of the individual school Curriculum Compliance Teacher (CCT).  The compliance process is supported by the District Program Assistant and District Compliance Specialist located within each learning community.  For questions or concerns please contact the District Compliance Specialist assigned to your learning community.

OCPS ELL Plan 2016-2019

CPS ELL Plan 2016-2019 (Spanish)

OCPS ELL Plan 2016-2019 (Haitian Creole)

 Compliance Teacher Tasks
Compliance Calendar at a Glance
Annual Task Calendar
CCT Suggest Performance Responsibilities

 Compliance Directory/Support
School-Based Curriculum Compliance Teachers 2016-2017
District Compliance Specialist School Support 2016-2017
Program Assistant School Support 2016-2017

 OCPS Compliance Resources
2016-2017 Bilingual One-Way Feeder Pattern 
ELL Procedural Handbook 2016-2017
Endorsement/Certification Guide for OCPS Educators

Multilingual and Corrective Programs
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