Section A - Foundations and Basic Commitments

ADC Tobacco Free Schools and Facilities (10-27-2020)

ADD Safe Schools (8-11-2020)

Section B - School Board Governance and Operations

B School Board Governance (11-17-08)

BA School District Operational Goals (11-17-08)

BBBG Board Elections (12-14-10)

BDC Board Officers (12-14-10)

BDD Board Superintendent Relations (11-17-08)

BDF Unitary Status Advisory and Oversight Committee (12-10-13)

BDG School Attorney Legal Services (10-11-16)

BE School Board Meetings (12-14-10)

BEC Executive Sessions (11-23-93)

BEDH Public Input at School Board Meetings (12-13-16)

BG Board Policy School Board Policy Process (11-17-08)

BGC Review of Policies (10-12-93)

BIE Board Member Insurance Liability (10-12-93)

Section C - School Board Administration

CDG State and Federal Programs Administration (10-09-12)

CI Temporary Administrative Arrangements (11-17-08)

Section D - Fiscal Management

DB Annual Budget (03-14-17)

DD Funding Proposals and Applications (11-17-08)

DDA Grants From Private Sources (11-17-08)

DF Revenues From Nontax Sources (03-14-17)

DFAA Use of Surplus Funds (03-14-17)

DFBB Debt Management (03-14-17)

DGA Authorized Signatures (03-14-17)

DH Bonded Employees and Officers (03-14-17)

DIA Accounting System Prompt Payment (11-17-08)

DIB Types of Funds (12-14-10)

DIC Financial Reports and Statements (11-17-08)

DID Inventories and Property Records (02-23-16)

DIE Audits Financial Monitoring (11-17-08)

DJA Purchasing Authority (06-23-15)

DJB Purchasing Procedures (06-23-15)

DJE Bidding Procedures (06-23-15)

DJFA Minority and Women Business Enterprise Assistance (06-23-15)

DJFB Local Developing Business Program (06-23-15)

DJFC Veteran Business Enterprise Program (06-23-15)

DJFD Local Preference Criteria for Vendors (06-23-15)

DJG Vendor Relations (06-23-15)

DJGA Public Sales Calls and Demonstrations (06-23-15)

DKA Payroll Procedures (03-14-17)

DKB Salary Deductions (03-14-17)

DKC Reimbursement of Expenses (09-10-13)

DN Properties Disposal and Disposition (06-23-15)

Section E - Support Services

EBA Buildings and Grounds Inspections (11-23-93)

EBAA Warning Systems (10-10-17)

EBB Safety Program (10-10-17)

EBBA Disease Prevention; Face Coverings (07-13-2021)

EBC Emergencies (08-06-19)

EBCA Disaster Plans (10-10-17)

EBCC Bomb Threats (10-10-17)

EBCE Emergency Closings (10-10-17)

EC Building Grounds Property Management (10-12-93)

ECA Building and Grounds Security (11-17-08)

ECAB Key Control (11-17-08)

ECAC Vandalism (11-17-08)

ECB Building and Grounds Maintenance (11-17-08)

ECE Traffic and Parking Procedures (06-26-18)

ECF Energy Conservation (03-14-17)

ECG District Police (06-26-18)

EDB Maintenance and Control of Materials and Equipment (06-11-19)

EDC Authorized Use of School Equipment and Materials (10-09-18)

EE Transportation (11-17-08)

EEAC Bus scheduling and Routing (11-17-08)

EEAE Bus Safety (11-17-08)

EEAEA Bus Operator Requirements Training and Responsibilities (11-17-08)

EEAEB Bus Purchasing and Maintenance (11-17-08)

EEAEC Student Conduct on Buses (10-12-93)

EEAF Special Use of Buses (05-24-96)

EEAG Student Transportation In Private Vehicles (01-17-12)

EF Food Service Management (11-07-17)

EFAB Food Allergies (06-26-18)

EFC Free and Reduced Price Food Services (11-07-17)

EFCA Universal Breakfast Programs (08-10-10)

EFD Food Prices (10-12-93)

EFH Food Sanitation Program (11-07-17)

EGAA Data Center Access (03-14-17)

EGAB Duplication of Copyrighted Materials (05-10-16)

EGAE Mail, Courier, and Delivery Services (05-10-16)

EH Forms Management (05-10-16)

EHB Data and Records Retention (05-10-16)

EHBA Records Management (Public Records) (05-10-16)

EI Insurance Management (11-17-08)

Section F - Facilities Planning and Development

FA Educational Plant Survey (10-10-17)

FB Facilities Coordination of Planning With Local Governing Bodies (11-17-08)

FBA Planning Advisors (10-25-11)

FE Contracting for Design and Construction Services (11-17-08)

FEA Educational Adequacy and Construction Specifications for New and Renovated Facilities (11-17-08)

FED Energy Utility Conservation (11-17-08)

FEDA Site Plans and Specifications (05-08-18)

FEE Site Acquisition (10-10-17)

FEG Construction Contract Bidding and Awards (11-17-08)

FF Naming School Facilities (04-10-18)

FG Board Inspection and Acceptance of New Facilities (10-12-93)

Section G - Personnel

GBA Equal Opportunity Employment (04-10-18)

GBAC Veterans Preference Policy (09-27-16)

GBB Staff Involvement In Decision Making (10-11-16)

GBEB Staff Conduct (10-09-18)

GBEC Drug-Free Workplace (09-27-16)

GBG Staff Welfare and Protection (09-27-16)

GBGA Staff Health and Safety (09-27-16)

GBGC Employee Assistance Program (09-27-16)

GBI Political Activities of Staff (04-10-18)

GBJ Personnel Records (10-11-16)

GBK Staff Concerns, Complaints, and Grievances (10-11-16)

GC Professional Staff (02-09-16)

GCAA Instructional Staff (02-09-16)

GCB Professional Staff Contracts and Compensation (02-09-16)

GCBA Professional Staff Salary Schedules (Instructional Staff) (05-10-16)

GCBAB Critical Teacher Shortages (04-14-2020)

GCBB Professional Staff Salary Schedules (Administrative Staff)(05-10-16)

GCBD Employee Fringe Benefits (05-10-16)

GCC Professional Staff Leaves and Absences (06-26-18)

GCCAB Instructional Staff Personal Emergency Legal Religious Leave (6-23-2020)

GCCBB Administrative Personal Emergency Legal Religious Leave (6-23-2020)

Section G - Personnel, con't

GCD Professional Staff Vacations and Holidays (10-11-16)

GCE Professional Staff Recruiting (02-09-16)

GCG Substitutes (Professional and Support Staff) (05-10-16)

GCH Professional Staff Orientation and Training (02-09-16)

GCK Professional Staff Assignment and Transfers (02-09-16)

GCL Professional Staff Schedules and Calendars (02-09-16)

GCO Evaluation of Professional Staff (02-09-16)

GCQC Resignation of Professional Staff (02-09-16)

GCQF Suspension and Dismissal of Professional Staff (02-09-16)

GCRD Private Instruction,Tutoring, and Coaching for Pay (05-10-16)

GCS Professional Research and Publishing (05-10-16)

GD Support Staff (09-27-16)

GDBA Support Staff Salary Schedules (Classified) (05-10-16)

GDBC Support Staff Supplementary Pay Overtime (Classified) (5-10-16)

GDC Support Staff Leaves and Absences (06-26-18)

GDCB Support Staff Personal Emergency Legal Religious Leave (Classified) (6-23-2020)

GDD Support Staff Vacations and Holidays (10-11-16)

GDK Support Staff Time Schedules (09-27-16)

GDMB Support Staff Training (09-27-16)

GDO Evaluation of Support Staff (09-27-16)

GDQA Reduction in Support Staff Work Force (10-11-16)

GDQB Resignation of Support Staff Members (10-11-16)

GDQD Suspension and Dismissal of Support Staff Members (10-11-16)

Section H - Negotiations

HN Negotiated Agreement Implementation (08-22-17)

Section I - Instruction

IA Student Progression Plan 2020-2021 (8-11-2020)

IC School Year (11-17-08)

ICA School Calendar (11-17-08)

ID School Day (11-17-08)

IHA Basic Instructional Program (09-29-15)

IHAE Physical Education (11-17-08)

IHAI Occupational Education (11-17-08)

IHAM Local School Wellness (8-11-20) 

IHAMA Teaching About Drugs Alcohol and Tobacco (11-07-17)

IHAR Digital Learning (09-29-15)

IHBA Programs for Disabled Students (11-17-08)

IHBC Programs for Disadvantaged Students (8-6-19)

IHBEB Primary Home Language Survey (11-07-17)

IHBG Home Education and Home Instruction (11-07-17)

IHBH Alternative Education School Programs (06-11-19)

IHCA Summer Instructional Programs (11-17-08)

IHD Adult Education (11-17-08)

IHDD Community Education (11-17-08)

IJ Instructional Resources and Materials (11-07-17)

IJL Library Materials Selection and Adoption (09-29-15)

IJOA School Trips and Excursions (06-26-18)

IJOB Speakers (08-22-17)

IJOC School Volunteers (08-22-17)

IK Academic Achievement (09-26-17)

IKA Grading Systems (11-17-08)

IKAA Final Examination (11-17-08)

IKB Homework (09-29-15)

IKFB Graduation Exercises (6-23-2020)

ILB Standardized Test Administration (11-07-17)

IMB Controversial Issues (08-22-17)

IMDA Pledge of Allegiance (10-13-15)

IMDB Flag Display and State Motto (09-25-18)

IME Assemblies (11-13-18)

IMG Animals on School Property (04-10-18)

Section J - Students

JB Equal Educational Opportunities (8-11-2020)

JC School Attendance Areas (08-06-19)

JCA Assignment of Students to School (06-08-2021) 

JE Student Attendance (02-23-16)

JF School Admissions (08-06-19)

JFAB Admission of Non-Florida Resident Students (02-23-16)

JFABB Foreign Exchange Students (07-28-15)

JFABC International Student Admission (07-28-15)

JFBD Magnet School Programs (10-13-2020)

JFC Withdrawal From School (09-29-15)

JIB Student Involvement in Decision Making (09-26-17)

JIC Code of Student Conduct (06-08-2021) 

JICA Student Dress (07-28-09)

JICE Student Publications (09-26-17)

JICF Secret Societies (09-26-17)

JICH Drug and Alcohol Use by Students (07-28-09)

JICK Threats (06-08-2021)

JIH Student Interrogations Searches and Arrests (11-17-08)

JJ Extracurricular Activities (12-14-10)

JJA Student Organizations (11-17-08)

JJB Social Events Students (07-14-09)

JJC Student Performances (10-12-93)

JJE Student Fundraising Activities (06-26-12)

JJI Interscholastic Athletics (11-17-08)

JK Discipline of Students (08-22-17)

JKA Corporal Punishment (08-22-17)

JKB Detention of Students (11-17-08)

JLC Student Health Services and Requirements (11-17-08)

JLCD Medicines Administering Medicines to Students (9-25-18)

JLCE First Aid and Emergency Medical Care (11-17-08)

JLD Guidance Program (05-23-17)

JLF Reporting Child Abuse-Child Protection (05-23-17)

JLI Student Safety (05-23-17)

JLIA Supervision of Students (09-29-15)

JLIB Dismissal Precautions (05-23-17)

JLIE Student Automobile Use (11-17-08)

JN Student Volunteers for School and Community Service (09-26-17)

JRA Student Records (06-11-19)

JRD Photographs of Students (11-17-08)

Section K - School, Community, and Home Relations

KB Parent Involvement In Education (01-17-12)

KBBA Parental Rights and Responsibilities (05-08-18)

KCE Ethics and Lobbying Policy (06-26-12)

KDA Public Information Program (10-12-93)

KEC Challenged Materials Policy (11-17-08)

KF Public Use of School Board Facilities (06-11-19)

KFA Public Conduct on School Property (10-12-93)

KHB Advertising in Schools (09-26-17)

KHC Distribution-Posting of Promotional Materials (02-10-15)

KI Visitors to the School (11-17-08)

KJ Community Organizations (10-12-93)

Section L - Education and Agency Relations

LI Relations with Accreditation Agencies (10-12-93)