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Nomination Guidelines

Nominees for all categories must exemplify the highest standards of ethical conduct and moral character. All candidates will be judged on their significant and/or long-term contributions. No more than five nominees will be inducted in any induction year.

In order to maintain the integrity of the Hall of Fame, a nominee must meet the criteria in at least one of the following categories:
Community Champion
Any person who has been a loyal and devoted supporter of an OCPS program, school, or the district for a minimum of ten years may be nominated. The nomination must detail the nominees contributions to Orange County Public Schools as well as the positive impact of those contributions.
Distinguished Alumni
A nominee must (1) be an OCPS graduate or must have attended one or more OCPS schools for at least three years and (2) have been out of high school for at least ten years. The nominee must be, or have been, a credit to his/her family, country and (if applicable) the central Florida community. The nominee may be either living or deceased. Nominations may be made under one or more of the following subcategories:
  • Athletic Achievement: Any OCPS alumnus or alumna who has distinguished himself/herself in the field of athletics.
  • Professional Achievement: Any OCPS alumnus or alumna who has distinguished himself/herself with excellence and acknowledged leadership in his/her chosen field.
  • Humanitarian Achievement: Any OCPS alumnus or alumna who has distinguished himself/herself with excellence and acknowledged leadership in service to the community at large or to a particular issue of need.
Distinguished Educator
Administrators, Coaches, Teachers or Staff: A nominee must have held a position or positions as an administrator, coach, teacher, or staff member within OCPS for a minimum of ten years and must have demonstrated exceptional leadership, character, and achievement during his/her tenure. The nomination should detail the positive impact the nominee had upon students and/or colleagues. The nominee must be retired in order to be eligible for consideration. The nominee may be either living or deceased.
A nomination for induction into the OCPS Hall of Fame may be submitted by the selection committee, current faculty, administration, staff, members of a booster club, by an OCPS alumnus or alumna, by the media, or by the general public. All entries must be submitted on the official OCPS Hall of Fame nomination form.
The nomination form shall be completed and submitted to and received by the Hall of Fame Committee along with appropriate support materials by June 30, 2016 for a candidate to be considered for induction in March 2017. All nominations received for consideration must contain active and current address and contact information for the nominee (or family, if deceased). Support material is essential for a nomination to be considered.
In addition to the official nomination form, the following materials should be submitted for an individuals consideration:
  • A letter of recommendation from the person making the nomination, and other letters of support from appropriate individuals who can validate or substantiate pertinent information related to the nominee. For letter submission instructions see Nomination and Recommendation Section on page 8.
  • If available, a limited number of newspaper clippings, magazine articles, copies of scorebooks and statistics may be included to help substantiate the accomplishments and contributions of the nominee.
  • If available, a suitable high-resolution photograph, preferably a head shot, for reproduction should be submitted. Additional photos will be requested if selected for induction.
Nominees may be reviewed for references and history to ensure satisfaction of Hall of Fame requirements and qualifications.
Nominations need only be made one time. Those not selected will be retained for future consideration.
The class of inductees shall not number more than five per year. There shall not be a minimum number of selections.