Welcome to Orange County Public Schools Department of Human Resources!  



The goal of Human Resources is to support the school district in attaining its vision and mission of “Educational Excellence”. We are committed to pursuing and retaining a skilled, high performing and dedicated workforce. Orange County Public Schools values its employees and it is a great place to work!


Please visit Employment Services website for job opportunities.


Ronald Pilgrim

Senior Executive Director 

Human Resources




Per Florida Statute 119.071(5), this is to notify you of the purpose for collecting and utilizing your social security number.  Providing your social security number is a condition of employment at Orange County Public Schools.  To protect your identification, Employment Services will secure your social security number from unauthorized access, and strictly prohibit the release of your social security number to unauthorized parties contrary to state and federal law.  


Employment Services collects your social security number for legitimate business purposes during the recruitment, selection and hiring process with Orange County Public Schools.  Your social security number will be used for completing and processing the following actions: Employment application for determining certification eligibility [1012.56 F.S.], Completion of federal I-9 form for the filing and issuance of federal employment forms [8 USC 1324a(b)], Completion of federal W-4 form for filing and issuance of federal employment forms [8 USC 1324a(b)], Florida Retirement Contribution Report [119.071(5)(a)6.b.], and Conducting criminal background screening [1012.56 F.S.].  Your Social security number is also used as a unique numeric identification within some of our systems and may be used for search purposes.