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Fingerprinting Information for Internship

All fingerprint appointments must be made by going to

Login:             ocpst
Password:       Password1

Register as a new employee (currently there are two ways to enter the PrideRock site as a New Employee or Existing Employee), When asked to select a location use unsure on the dropdown since you have not yet been assigned a school. Choose intern from the dropdown to select a position, not a teacher or substitute.

Once you have entered the pass code on the website you have been taken to the locator page.  This is where you would type in your zip code to find fingerprint locations near you.  If you are not happy with what is given, arrow back and type in a different zip code for other location options.


 Step for step directions for fingerprinting are given in our internship packet under

the forms button on the left side of this page.


Javier Melendez


Human Resources Special Projects




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