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Central Support Services


Cleaning the path for Education

407-317-3700 ext. 202-5433

Kevin Ballinger, Department Head

Administrative Specialist

Mayeline Ricart 202-5997
Archie Garcia 202-5949

Business Manager

Margaret Sarjou 202-5457

Area Managers

Enid Bartolomeo, North 202-5500
Danna DeCarlo, West 202-5933
Carlos Maffuz Castillo, East 202-5912
Jeffrey Parker, Southwest 202-5358
Kitza Rivera Rodriguez, Southeast 202-5027

Custodial Tech

Alex Carrillo, East 202-5927
Robert Gaines, Southeast 202-5916
Alain Molina, Southwest 202-5926
Larro Tidwell, West 202-5411
Julio Vazquez, North 202-5026

Finance/Payroll Clerk
Idalia Diaz Noriega (Mickey), 202-5069
Carolyn Griner, 202-5197
Logistics Tech
Marlon Holloway, 202-5502

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 Other Information


 Custodial Inspections


• Custodial inspections are performed by the area custodial technician. The technicians conduct inspections semi-annually for OCPS staffed facilities and quarterly for contracted facilities. Each facility will be given a custodial score card based on the custodial inspection guidelines.

• An inspection may be requested at any time by contacting the technician assigned to the learning community.

• To find out what month a facility is due to be inspected click here (not available yet). You may also view a copy of a facility's custodial scorecard by clicking here (not available yet).


 Custodial Training

Certified Course of Professional Custodian

A custodian must successfully complete courses 1 through 5 of the Professional Custodian Training Program, with a passing grade of 70% or better on each individual course. Upon satisfactory completion of the Required 63 hours minimum of class work, students will receive a “Certified Custodian” certificate.

The Professional Custodian Training Program consists of the following Courses:
Certified Custodian
I. The Professional School Custodian, The People and the Job
II. Safety in School Operations
III. Sanitation and School Housekeeping
IV. Floor and Carpet Care for Schools
V. Custodial Essentials
Certified Course for Master Custodian
A certified custodian must successfully complete courses 1 through 3 of the Master Custodian Training Program, with a passing grade of 70% or better on each individual course. The program is a 39 hour class consisting of the following courses:
I. Minor Maintenance and Climate Support, Structure and Energy Conservation for School Custodian
II. Grounds Care for Schools
III. Custodial Essentials


*It is required that you successfully complete the Certified Custodian Training Course before you are eligible to enroll in the "Master Custodian" class



 Equipment Repair


 If your facility has custodial equipment that is in need of repair you must submit a work request via the Web Notification Application (WNA) to the Custodial Services Department. By submitting this request the Custodial Services Department will be responsible for the repair costs.

1. Custodial Services is committed to covering the cost of your equipment repairs.
2. This will only happen if a Custodial Technician from this department evaluates the equipment first.
3. The tech will make the arrangements to get the item picked up by the repair shop.
4. Be sure to complete a Prop-4 to cover the movement of the item from your campus.
5. If the cost to repair turns out to be more than 50% of the replacement cost, repairs will not be completed and the school will be responsible for the replacement.
6. Do not allow your custodians to attempt repairs on the equipment.
We would appreciate it if you could refrain from duplicating requests.
"Custodial Services does not purchase replacement equipment for schools"



 Surplus Custodial Equipment Procedure



 We are finding that custodial equipment is occasionally sent to Surplus even though it still has usefulness.  In an effort to make the best use of our equipment dollars Custodial Services has established the following procedures:

  1. Do not send custodial equipment to Surplus until the custodial tech for your area has evaluated the piece of equipment.
  2. Contact Custodial Services (407-317-3709) to arrange for a custodial tech to come to your campus to evaluate the piece of equipment.
  3. If it qualifies for Surplus the tech will sign off on a Prop 4 right then and, size allowing, the tech will transport it to Surplus at that time.
  4. If it still has useful life but the school does not want it any longer the tech will : 
    • Assign it to another school and sign off on the Prop. 4 and ,size allowing, transport it at that time or
    • Have it propped to Custodial Services at for future assignment to another school and, again size allowing, will transport it at that time.
  5. If the piece needs repair and it is economically reasonable to do so, the tech will arrange for the repair.  Do not allow the piece to leave the campus for repair without a Prop 4.  Once repairs are completed the piece will:
    • Be sent back to the school or
    • Be transferred to Custodial Services or another school if the original owner still does not want it.  (This determination should be made between the school and the tech before the piece is directed to the repair service.)