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How Do I Use an Orange County Public School Facility?
Step 1

Find the facility you want to rent from the list of School Contact Information by clicking on the link below. Then, contact the school to be sure the space you would like to rent is available. 

​       Read about the Rules and requirements                                       ​
Please Note: 
​Step 2

Cancellations and changes to schedules must be made in writing to the school at least three business days prior to the start of the event to ensure A/C.

All organizations must have a signed agreement in place prior to the start of the event.  OCPS Security has the capability to check the SchoolDude calendar to verify information.

* User Groups 
Please Note:
Step 3  

Payment of invoices for all short-term agreements must be made at least two business days prior to the start of the event.

Payment of invoices for long-term agreements can be made monthly in advance prior to the first day of each month.

Please Note: 
Step 4   Contact Information
Facility and Agreement Issues                                               Insurance Issues
​Facilities Use - ELC 3    ​Risk Management - ELC 3                                                               
​Phone: 407-317-3386 ​Phone: 407-317-3296
​Fax: 407-317-3308 ​Fax: 407-317-3359
Email:  facilities.use@ocps.net 
 Please Note:
Step 5   Submit a Facilities Use Request Form
The password is "ORANGE"
​Agencies or organizations with outstanding balances for facility use will not be permitted to lease until the balance is reconciled.
If your organization has never rented an OCPS facility, please call 407-317-3386 to be set up in the SchoolDude​ System prior to submitting your Facilities Use Request.


Please do not use an Irregular Schedule.