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     2014 Elementary FCAT Daily Schedule - OCPS

     Day                 Date                Test                             Grades             Mode
     Monday         April 14           Reading Session 1        3, 4, 5              paper
     Tuesday         April 15           Reading Session 2        3, 4, 5              paper
     Wednesday    April 16           Makeups                     3, 4, 5              paper
     Thursday        April 17           Math Session 1            3, 4                  paper
                                                   Science Session 1        5                      paper
     Friday            April 18            Math Session 2            3,4                   paper  
                                                   Science Session 2        5                      paper
     Monday         April 28            Math starts                  5                      computer


Scroll down to see ways to help your child prepare for the FCAT



  • Read with your child EVERY day – Reading aloud to them and listening to them read are both very beneficial. A minimum of 20 minutes of reading is required for their reading log. This is a great way to connect with your child.
  • Talk about what you are reading – This will help them to comprehend what they are reading

  • Go to the library and check out books regularly. Read the books together and talk about what you read.

  • Let them see you reading for pleasure – Whether it's the newspaper, magazines, or books, parents can set a GREAT example!

  • Play games that involve words – The more words a child knows, the better reader they are!
  • Cook recipes together – This will help both their reading and math skills.
  • Play math games or reading games on the computer. I will keep an eye out for great websites that you can use, and pass them along as I find them!



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