Aloma Elementary School

Kindergarten Supply List



Individual Supplies (please label with your child’s first and last name)

       1 backpack (large enough to hold a folder)

       1 package of 3 white t-shirts washed and labeled with your child’s name on the tags (*please buy a size larger than your child’s current size)


Class Supplies (please do not label)

       1 pair of earbuds (headphones)

       1 pair of Fiskars brand scissors

       1 (1 inch) binder with pockets

       1 pencil box

       2 plastic, 3 prong folders

       2 boxes of tissues (Kleenex, etc.)

       2 containers of baby wipes

       1 package of 5 oz. Dixie cups

       1 box of Band-Aids

       2 packs of Crayola crayons

       2 packs of markers

       10 glue sticks

       1 pack black EXPO markers

       2 highlighters

       Velcro dots

       A pack of play-doh or sidewalk chalk


Boys                                                Girls

1 box of Ziploc gallon bags               1 box of sandwich bags

1 bottle of hand sanitizer                 1 bottle antibacterial liquid soap


Art Class:  1 box baby wipes/Clorox wipes

Music Class: 1 box tissues