Progress Reports & Report Card Dates

The progress reports and reports cards will be distributed near the dates listed below. These days can change and should serve as a guideline only.

Remember you can always use ProgressBook Parent Access to get grades information at anytime. 

 Grade Reporting  Date
 Marking Period 1 Progress Report  09/20/2013
 Marking Period 1 Report Card  11/01/2013
 Marking Period 2 Progress Report  12/06/2013
 Marking Period 2 Report Card  01/24/2014
 Marking Period 3 Progress Report  02/21/2014
 Marking Period 3 Report Card  04/04/2014
 Marking Period 4 Progress Report  05/02/2014
 Marking Period 4/Final Report Card  06/04/2014



ProgressBook (Online Student Progress)

Orange County Public Schools desires to provide its students and staff with access to technology tools and information which improve student performance. In keeping with this goal, we have implemented ProgressBook. ProgressBook is an online classroom information tool for teachers, students, and parents. You and your student now have access to up to the minute homework, attendance, and grading information for each of your student’s classes. To access ProgressBook, you will need to have an active Internet connection and have a web browser (preferably Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher) open. The web site for ProgressBook is:  ProgressBook Parent Login.   You will need a logon name and password to access your information. 

Explanation of the Parent Access database split - Parents will use the same web address and login information that they currently use, They must then click on the link that applies to their child’s school level. 

Below is what the parents will see when they log onto Parent access panel. If the parents need assistance they must go through the normal channels at the school.