Alcohol & Drug Policy


Possession of Illicit Substances


Students shall not sell, distribute, transfer, possess or be under the influence of any intoxicating beverage, controlled substance defined in Chapter 893, Florida Statutes, designer drug, "model glue," over-the-counter prescription drugs, or caffeine pills on school grounds, or at a school or school-sponsored function, or on school transportation. A student who is under the influence of a controlled substance as prescribed for him/her by a physician (licensed by the State of Florida) shall not be subject to this rule. Disciplinary procedures for noncompliance with this rule shall be prescribed in the Code of Student Conduct. (Sections 230.23(6); 232.26; 232.277; 561.01; Chapter 893, Florida Statutes)

Columbia has a zero tolerance policy towards any and all alcoholic beverages, and/or drugs (both illegal and prescription drugs not prescribed to you) brought onto the school campus. 

Any student known to have alcohol or a drug in his possession, or known to be under the influence thereof, while in school or while participating or attending a school-sponsored function, will be turned over to the Orange County Sheriffs Department School Resource Officer and shall be recommended for expulsion from school as per Orange County School Board Code of Student Conduct.



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