The clinic is staffed with a Health Care Assistant. She is trained to provide first aid only.   PLEASE DO NOT COME TO SCHOOL IF YOU ARE SICK. Students who become ill or injured at school will be sent to the clinic. If the nature of the illness/injury is such that a student should go home, your parents will be notified. Students will not be released to anyone except a parent or another person designated on the student’s emergency card. In the event of a serious injury, school officials will notify your parents and/or the paramedics via 911. You will be taken to a hospital emergency room if such action is deemed necessary. It is important that the Emergency Student Information Form is completed. The school needs your most current home, work, cell or emergency numbers. It is the responsibility of your parent to keep this information current. 

Please have your parent notify us in writing of any allergy, handicap, illness or special dietary problems that might affect your school routine. This information will be shared with appropriate personnel and kept on file for reference if necessary.


If your child requires medication during school hours, parent must fill out a form provided by the school. The medication, in the original containers and with written directions from the physician, must be kept in the clinic. Parents must deliver the medication. Children are not allowed to transport medication.  After the above procedures have been followed, the child will be sent to the clinic for medication as directed.

  • Over the counter medications such as cough drops, aspirin, Chap Stick, Pepto-Bismol or Aspergum may not be brought to school unless proper procedures, as outlined above, are completed.

Head Lice

Head lice problems arise among school children due to close contact with each other.  Every effort is taken to control this problem in our school. Periodic screenings are done and if a child is found to have lice or nits, your parents are notified and expected to take the you home for proper treatment of the condition.  Students may not remain in the classroom once lice or nits have been detected. Upon returning to school, the your parent must accompany the you to the clinic to be re-screened before being admitted to class.  If nits still remain in the hair, you may not return to class.  Instructions will be supplied to your parents in order to minimize loss of class time and to maintain the your self-concept.  We ask for your cooperation and understanding in this matter.