Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFJROTC) is a program offered to high school students in grades 9-12.  All AFJROTC classes are blends of material from an Aerospace Science (AS) component course, a Leadership Education (LE) course and the Wellness program.  Our courses teach AS 40% of contact time, LE 40% and Wellness 20%.  All students will be granted academic credit applicable toward graduation requirements for the successful completion of AFJROTC courses provided by the Air Force equivalent to credit given for other academic courses. 
Drill and Ceremonies is offered as a part of the Leadership Education phase of a given course or can be taught as a zero hour class or as an after school extracurricular activity as part of the Leadership Education component.  If a cadet participates in Drill Team activities before or after school, they must also be enrolled in an AS/LE course to be counted as part of the unit’s AFJROTC enrollment.  The Drill and Ceremonies course may also be taught as a stand-alone course and may be counted toward the duplicated headcount, if the following criteria are met: (1) all students enrolled in drill-only class must be concurrently enrolled in a regular AS/LE class; (2) the drill-only class must be recognized for graduation credit by the school, and (3) must not detract from the overall AFJROTC program. Drill-only class enrollment does not count toward the AFJROTC Certificate of Completion.
Upper class cadets manage the entire corps under AFJROTC instructor supervision.  This course provides hands-on experience and the opportunity to put the theories of previous leadership courses into practice.  All the planning, organizing, coordinating, directing, controlling, and decision-making will be done by the cadets, under the supervision of AFJROTC instructors.  They practice their communication, decision-making, personal-interaction, managerial, and organizational skills.
Our curriculum is designed for each Aerospace Science level.  AS-100 (Freshman), AS-200 (Sophomore), AS-300 (Junior), and AS-400 (Senior).  Some of the curriculum areas overlap the AS levels to enhance the development of cadet leadership/management skills and life-skill principles.
Note:  Waivers to any of the above must be obtained from AFOATS/CR (or AFOATS/JR for Wellness waivers).