Timber Creek High School
1001 Avalon Park South Blvd
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Brian L. Humphrey, Major, USAF (ret), Senior Aerospace Science Instructor
Donald W. Dowdy, SMSgt, USAF (ret), Aerospace Science Instructor
Rudolph E. Lewis, MSgt, USAF (ret), Aerospace Science Instructor
_________Gregory S. Groll, MSgt, USAF (ret), Aerospace Science Instructor____________
Dear Parents / Guardians:                                                                                22 August 2011
WELCOME to the 2011-2012 School Year!  We are happy to have each and every student, parent, and guardian as part of our AFJROTC Aerospace Science Program, awarded the Distinguished Unit Award for six consecutive years, 2005-2011!!  All essential items such as books and uniforms are provided at no cost.  Participation in our program does NOT obligate the student to military service.
The mission of the AFJROTC program is to “Develop Citizens of Character Dedicated to Serving Their Nation and Community.  Our objectives are: to instill values of citizenship, community service, personal responsibility, and a sense of accomplishment in our high school students/cadets.  This is not a military recruitment class and there is no military service obligation for taking this course.  Course material includes leadership (to include drill & ceremony), topics from Aviation History (AS-I) to the Exploration of Space (AS-III), and physical training.  Classes may have guest speakers and/or go on field trips (travel costs covered by the Air Force) related to the subject material.  Please note that the all cadets are required to wear the Air Force uniform one day each week (normally Wednesday).
In addition to learning about civilian and military aviation, AFJROTC teaches students about core values, citizenship, and civic responsibility.  Elective credit is given for our classes in History of Aviation, Science of Flight, Astronomy, and Leadership/Management studies in each year.  The major benefits from successful completion of our program are 3 and 4-year AFROTC college scholarships (one timely application meets 4 selection boards), qualifying to enlist in any US military service at higher rank, and every student displaying leadership qualities above their contemporaries.
            Our goal is to instill in each student the values of citizenship, service to the United States and community, personal responsibility, and a sense of accomplishment.  Grooming standards and proper uniform wear are crucial elements of the program.  The official Air Force uniform is issued to each student and worn one day per week.  Classes are structured around responsibility, mutual respect, integrity, and self-discipline.  Field trips are scheduled to enhance their knowledge of aviation and to promote service to others.  We will visit local military bases, air museums, and simulators, in addition to traveling to drill competitions.
            For extra-curricular activities, we offer drill and color guard teams to compete in JROTC sponsored drill meets, a model rocketry club, static model club, an air-minded honor society, orienteering, and physical training teams.  Since the county does not sponsor our cadet activities, we raise needed funds through AFJROTC fundraiser activities and sponsors.
            We promise a well-rounded year, full of fun and excitement, as we work hard, learn all we can, and succeed together…AIM HIGH!