Mission Statement: The goal of the Academy of Advanced Studies is to provide opportunities for students to realize their maximum academic potential by supporting their enrollment and success in Advanced Placement classes.

Overview: The Academy of Advanced Studies will include various programs already in place at TCHS such as our honors classes, AVID and AP Choice program. The academy will provide support, articulation and staff development for all teachers in those programs to help those teachers become more knowledgeable about expectations, content and strategies necessary for students to be successful in AP classes and exams. The academy will implement various means of support for student success in these rigorous classes. Finally the academy will improve communication with the families of our students. Ultimately, the Academy of Advanced Studies intends to increase the number of students taking AP classes and exams and to increase their scores on those exams.




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Christina Abromavage
Director of the
Advanced Placement Choice (APC) Program. 
APC Office hours:
8:00am to 2:30pm

(Email is the preferred method of contact)