University High School

CAPE: Veterinary Assisting Academy 

(Career and Professional Education)

Teacher:  Mrs. Kim Acton (

     Career and Technical programs provide hands on learning for students- here at UHS we offer Veterinary Assisting. Students can take Vet I, II, III and IV.  The CAPE Academy prepares students for a career in Veterinary Medicine or in a related career in the animal industry.  The Florida Board of Education has recently partnered with the Florida Veterinary Medical Association and Animal Care Technologies in providing a CVA (Certified Veterinary Assistant) certification for high school seniors.  The Vet III or IV students will work towards requirements to take certification exam and enter the workforce after high school or start college with an excellent foundation to work towards the Veterinary degree.  The CVA requires 250 hours of classroom lab/ instruction, 250 hours in a Veterinary Hospital/ volunteer setting and a technical skills task booklet to be completed

     UHS CAPE Veterinary Assisting Academy allows any student to gain skills for their future career

     UHS CAPE Veterinary Assisting Academy uses academic integration with Math, Science and English curriculums

     Recognition from certifications allow CAPE Veterinary Academies to thrive in high schools and highlight Agricultural programs

     9th and 10th graders can enroll into Vet I

     10th and 11th graders can enroll into Vet II

     11th and 12th graders can enroll into Vet III

     12th graders can enroll into Vet IV

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 VET Assist News

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