Summer Assignments

2014 - 2015 


The following assignments are for grades 9 and 10:


 Pre-IB Summer Assignments

Pre-IB English I.pdf

Pre-IB English II.pdf


Pre-IB Spanish I.pdf

Pre-IB Spanish II.pdf


Pre-IB French II.pdf

Pre-IB French II Assignment.pdf


Pre-IB Chemistry I.pdf

Pre-IB Chemistry I - Significant Figures.pdf

Pre-IB Chemistry I - Scientific Notation.pdf


Pre-IB CAS Guide.pdf

CAS Log-Pre-IB.pdf


European History - Extra Credit Assignment.pdf


**There are no summer assignments for the following courses:

Pre-IB French I

Pre-IB Latin I

AP Human Geography

Pre-IB Biology

Algebra I, II



  IB Summer Assignments

The following assignments are for grades 11 and 12:


IB Bio - JUNIORS.pdf

IB Bio - SENIORS.pdf


IB Chemistry II.pdf


IB Physics SL - Junior Year.pdf


IB Contemporary History - Senior Year.pdf


IB English III.pdf

IB English IV - Senior Year.pdf


Theory of Knowledge I.pdf

Theory of Knowledge II.pdf


IB Spanish IV.pdf

IB Spanish V.pdf


IB French IV.pdf

IB French IV Assignments 1.pdf

IB French IV Assignments 2.pdf


IB French V.pdf

IB French V Assignment 1.pdf

IB French V Assignment 2.pdf