Welcome to IB at University High School

 Congratulations IB Class of 2014!

Good luck in the next chapter of your education!


 paw_print_tattoos.jpg ​Important documents for students and parents to read:


2014-2015 IB Honor Code.pdf 

IB Gen Regs Signature Page.pdf

IB Dues Letter.pdf


     IB over AP.pdf

IB Course Progression.pdf

                            Pre-IB Course Descriptions.pdf                      


paw_print_tattoos.jpg IB Chemistry Tutoring Blitz 

The UCF Chemical Society will be hosting a unique tutoring session on 

Saturday, April 18, 2015 from 8:30-3:30

The tutors will be focusing on Topic I from the IB Chemistry curriculum to include:

  • Mole and Avogadro's Number calculations and balancing equations
  • Calculating emperical, molecular formula and percent composition
  • Mass and gaseous volume relationships in a chemical reaction
  • Calculations involving limiting/excess reactants and percentage yield
  • Calculations involving the Gas Laws
  • Calculations invlving solutions/molarity and gases

 ​​Lunch and extra credit will be provided!

Sign up using the link below before April 1 to RSVP.



 Minutes from IB Parent Meetings


  IB Calendars


2014-2015 IB Calendar.pdf2014-2015 IB Calendar.pdf


Good News! IB Testing in May 2015 will be located at UCF! Please see the schedule below for your test dates and call time. 

Parents, if you are interested in invigilating the exams in May, we could use your help! Please email Donielle Gregory at Donielle.Gregory@ocps.net with the dates and times you are available.

Thank you for your support of the IB Program at University High School!

IB Exam Schedule 2015.pdfIB Exam Schedule 2015.pdf


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Donielle Gregory
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IB testing (11th and 12th grade only)
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