Information for UHS Parents

Parent involvement is having an awareness of and involvement in schoolwork, understanding of the interaction between parenting skills and student success in schooling, and a commitment to consistent communication with teachers about student progress.


Click Here for Information about the advantages of being involved in your child's education



College and Career Readiness Webinars


School Pay

Parents can now pay for a variety of school related items using the School Pay link above.


















ADDitions / Volunteers

Volunteers through the ADDitions program assist with day-to-day school operations.



The Parent Leadership Council encourages parental involvement in the English Language Learners (ELL) program and overal school academic achievement.



The PTSA plays an active role in school events and supports our teachers and school programs.



The School Advisory Council (SAC) assists University in developing a school improvement plan and evaluates the results of the plan in order to help achieve student success. In addition, the SAC advises the principal in the preparation of the school budget.


Success Checklist

Check out a list of things parents can do to ensure the sucess of their children.