University High School Crest


Each picture exemplifies our striving to create the very best

 educational environment where students can learn and grow.

  • The arches at the top of the seal represent the gate through which the students enter to begin their four-year journey to academic excellence.
  • The torch in the center arch stands tall to symoblize the strong academic curriculum of the school.
  • The winged foot in the left arch depicts the full complement of athletic programs avalible at University High School.
  • The Greek masks of tragedy and comedy in the right arch represent the unique talents of all students involved in every aspect of the performing arts.
  • The bell tower rising above the arches symbolizes the ultimate accomplishment of all high school students - GRADUATION FROM UHS.
  • Centered in monogram beneath the gate is our mascot, the Cougar, the fighting spirit of University High School.The Cougar depicts school pride with strength, power, and valor.
  • The wreath beneath the seal is the traditional symbol of achievement and excellence. The school colors of blue and gold are unique to Orange County.
  • The deep blue personifies courage, truth and loyalty; the gold symbolizes perfection power and wisdom.

All aspects of the seal are representative of the educational atmosphere established at University High School and reflect a global vision of a school dedicated to the preparation of its students. As contributors to their nation and the world, it will be these students who reflect the true history of the accomplishments of University High School.










The Class of 2011 was here!