Orchestra Boosters 
The orchestra booster organization is comprised of interested parents, family members, and friends who give support to the Orchestral Department. They assist the director with event execution, fundraising, travel, and other duties. All parents are strongly urged to be an active contributing member of the booster organization. Booster meetings are held once a month, generally on the first Wednesday of each month at 7:00 p.m.; consult the orchestra calendar for details.
Judy Mitchell
Work with Orchestra Director, Laurie Bitters on the committees and fundraising activities, support the Orchestra in all capacities when needed
Nowell Campos
Coordinate committees with President and Orchestra Director, Laurie Bitters and support Orchestra when needed.
Jill Wacker
Take minutes at each booster meeting and transcribe update on Charms and website
*Lael DeWahl
James Cardarelli
Robyn Stanton
When receiving checks for the Orchestra make sure they are recorded on Charms’ account, help organize the fundraising funds and record on students’ account
Nowell Campos
Assist with calendar and email communications sent directly from CHARMS. Provide pertinent information to various committees including volunteer and chaperone sign-ups.
Kelly Warner
Assist with development and maintenance of Orchestra website.
Program Ads
Judy Mitchell
Assist with the solicitation of ads and coordinate timely delivery of artwork to the concert program designer.
Program Design
Kelly Warner
Assist with collection of information, design, printing and delivery of concert programs.
Assist in organizing the music library and getting volunteers when needed
Volunteer Coordinator
Deidra Cricks
Assist volunteers to work on various Orchestra events throughout the year.
Uniform Coordinator
Judy Mitchell
Help set-up the volunteers needed to measure, receive payment, etc. for the uniforms, as well as the return of uniforms for preparation for the new school year
Fundraising Coordinator
Judy Mitchell
Find fundraisers that are beneficial to the Orchestra for the payment of the student’s account, as well as supporting the Orchestra
Playing Fundraising Coordinator
LeAnne Rollins
Contact stores, events, etc. for the students’ to play for their accounts and/or community service throughout the year
Public - Community Relations
Assist with the writing and distribution of articles and announcements about the Orchestra Program
Concert Support
Assist with set up and program distribution at the door, flowers, hospitality, special guests and special events.
Merchandise Sales
Assist with pre-sales and sales of concert recordings, t-shirts and gear at all events where the WPHS Orchestra is represented.
Contribute baked goods, coordinate refreshments for orchestra events, class parties and trips.
Orchestra Banquet
Assist with coordination, planning and execution of the end of year banquet.
Silent Auction
Judy Mitchell
Organize the Silent Auction items when brought in by students, prepare auction sheets and item list, help with the display of auction items at the auction, tally and distribute auction items
General Support
Photocopy materials, help with packets, etc