American Councils

 for Interational Education


American Councils is a grantee grantee organization of the U.S.Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural
Affairs (ECA) and is accredited by the Council on Standards for International Educational Travel (CSIET).


Host a Student! (Click here for American Council Brochure).

Because the State Department is involved, qualifying as a host family requires completing an application, and the ability to provide the following:

  • The Host Family must be able to provide meals and snacks
  • A bed in a room not shared with the opposite gender
  • A place to study
  • Transportation to school
  • Commitment to allow the student to be involved in their family and school activities
  • Students cannot work, unless for volunteer hours for school, or small babysitting or yard maintenance in their neighborhood.
  • Students do receive a small stipend for personal items and school related activities.