Literacy Council
 Mission Statement
  • The WPHS Reading Council’s mission is to create active readers and learners.


  • To increase faculty awareness and use of reading strategies designed to improve students’ reading skills.
  • Through the use of active reading strategies incorporated into lessons, improve students’ comprehension of materials across all content areas, thus creating active learners.
  • To raise student involvement in reading for pleasure as well as information


  • 2008-2009  Selected as Orange County Public Schools’ nominee for “Just Read, Florida’s Reading Leadership Team of the Year”
  • 2007-2008  Selected as the Regional Finalist in the “Just Read, Florida Reading Leadership Team of the Year"
  • 2007-2008  Selected as Orange County Public School’s nominee for “Just Read, Florida’s Reading Leadership Team of the Year”

Literacy Council Framework

  • The WPHS Literacy Council is comprised of teachers from all departments at Winter Park High School. All teachers are encouraged to join. 
  • The focus of the Literacy Council is “Reading to Learn” as opposed to “Learning to Read”. 
  • The Council encourages all teachers to implement strategies that will assist students with comprehension. 
  • This is the Council’s eighth year in guiding and supporting teachers in using learning strategies to increase literacy across disciplines at WPHS. 
  • Some of the Councils’ accomplishments include “Literacy Wednesday” Workshops, Active Reader’s Digest, Student Literacy Club, “Den”, and the Curriculum Celebration.
  • If you are interested in joining the Literacy Council, please e-mail Donna Wallace or Patti Fox at the main campus or Joanne Pryor or Rafalar Lynch at the Freshman Campus. 
  • In order to address the diverse learning needs of our students, the Council will operate as one united council composed of “mirror” sub-councils at both the Freshman Campus and the Main Campus. 
  • The Literacy Council has four sub-councils:  Teacher Literacy, Student Literacy,  PR/Communications, and Fundraising/Grant Writing. 

Teacher Literacy Sub-Council

  • This sub-council supports and coordinates training for teachers via the “Literacy Wednesday Workshops”, mentoring, and coaching. 

Student Literacy Sub-Council

  • This sub-council promotes pleasure reading to increase student literacy skills and to develop life long readers.  It coordinates the “Den” which is a faculty led student book talk, promotes SSR (Sustained Silent Reading),  and provides community out reach reading opportunities such as Read Ins, Reading Contests, and other family reading opportunities.
  • In addition, this sub-council oversees the Student Literacy Club which seeks students to develop a love of reading and to serve as campus council ambassadors to support campus literacy initiatives.

PR/Communications Sub-Council

  • This sub-council communicates Literacy Council information to the school and the community via the Wildcat Watch, the Active Reader’s Digest, and the WPHS website. 

Fundraising/Grant Writing Sub-Council

  • This sub-council seeks funding sources from the community to help support the Council’s initiatives and writes grants used to promote literacy projects at WPHS.