Winter Park High School Foundation

Supporting Excellence at Winter Park High School   

Mission Statement
The Winter Park High School Foundation is a charitable organization dedicated to preserving the tradition of excellence at Winter Park High School.  The Foundation will:


  • Maximize every students educational experience
  • Support an atmosphere that will attract the best and brightest teachers and staff
  • Satisfy unmet resource needs through private contributions
  • Engage our community to invest in and protect our valuable asset


The WPHS Foundation was established as an IRS-approved not-for-profit organization in 1992 by concerned parents and community members to bridge the gap between county and state educational funding and the money necessary to help WPHS maintain its outstanding position as a nationally-acclaimed public high school.  Its sole purpose is to provide additional financial support for the educational, extracurricular, and athletic needs that benefit WPHS students.  Recent budget cuts and today's tougher financial times make the work of the Foundation more vitally important than ever before.
Donating to the Foundation during the school year makes you a Foundation member for the year.  All gifts are fully tax-deductible and will qualify for an employer match, if your employer has such a program.  Also, the Foundation is an all-volunteer organization with modest administrative expenses, allowing it to devote 98% of your gift to the school fulfilling annual teacher "wish lists" and providing additional benefits not funded by Orange County.
Past initiatives have included 


  • The Galloway Aquatic Center
  • New band equipment
  • New seating for the Ninth Grade Center auditorium
  • The new Fitness Trail
  • Renovations to the ROTC training field
  • New whiteboards, servers, and computers at the main campus
  • Many annual "teacher wish list" items

WPHS Foundation Grant Awards

Each Spring and Fall semester, the WPHS Foundation accepts Grant Requests from clubs or team sports of WPHS.  The fall deadline is September 30th with an October award and February 28 (or 29) with a March award of $1,000.  Please see the link to the right for application.  Submissions can be emailed and must be received prior to the due date to be considered.  Please contact a board member for any questions or visit  

Board of Directors

Vince Furey, President
Trish Teague, Vice President / Past President
Karla Starkey, Treasurer
Stacey Cox, Corresponding Secretary
Susy Scarlatos, Recording Secretary
Katherine Smith-Dolle, Charitable Giving Liaison
Amy Brooks
Julie Champion
Teresa Colling
Liz Dowdell
Lisa Ireton
Becky Junod
Bryn Knight
Catherine Mays
Kristi McCoy
Amy Samelson
Tim Smith
Principal, Winter Park High School
Saraya Miller
Assistant Principal
Paul Maldonado
Sr. Asst. Principal, 9th Grade Center