Glenridge Middle School

an International Baccalaureate World School
The International Baccalaureate (IB), founded in 1968, is an international educational framework focused on developing life-long learners with 21st century skills in over 1 million students in 146 countries.  IB offers four programmes for students in Kindergarten through Twelfth Grade.  Glenridge Middle School is authorized to teach the IB Middle Years Programme (MYP) to all students in grades 6-8. 
Learn more about Middle Years Programme by watching Education for a Better World: the IB Middle Years Programme.
Glenridge underwent an extensive authorization process from 2001-2004 to become an IB World School.  Glenridge was the first MYP school authorized in Orange County and is currently one of 57 MYP programmes in the State of Florida.  Glenridge is not a magnet, we proudly offer the MYP to all students zoned for our school.  To ensure the integrity of its programmes, the IB re-evaluates its programmes every five years to ensure commitment to the IB mission and philosophy. Our next evaluation will be in the Spring of 2017.
What makes Glenridge an MYP School?
Glenridge MYP students enroll in 8 subjects each year of the MYP. 
  • Language A
  • Language B (French of Spanish
  • Mathematics
  • Art
  • Humanities
  • Technology (semester)
  • Science
  • Physical Education (semester)       
Glenridge MYP students are inspired and motivated to develop their Learner Profile to become:
§  Balanced    
§  Caring
§  Communicators
§  Knowledgeable
§  Inquirers
§  Open-minded 
§  Principled
§  Reflective
§  Risk-takers (courageous)
§  Thinkers
To this end, students commit to following the Academic Honesty Policy pledging to avoid malpractice in all assignments. 

Teachers develop MYP units to teach students the Sunshine State Standards.  Throughout the unit, the Sunshine State Standards are connected to the real world through inquiry questions. Student learning in each MYP unit is assessed with a task that is evaluated using assessment criteria unique to each of the 8 subjects.
MYP students must identify needs in their local, national, and/or global community and improve those by Taking Action with community service.  Currently all 6th graders complete 10 hours, 7th graders 15 hours and 8th graders 20 hours.  All MYP community service is recorded on page 11 in the student planner.  Students reflect on their hours in December and May.  Download the hours log here.

In eighth grade, students complete a Culminating Project illustrating mastery of skills and knowledge gained in the MYP Programme. Students work in Lion Time investigating, planning, creating, and evaluating their project.   The final products are shared during the MYP Showcase in April. 

Students that successfully complete the MYP in grade 8 will receive a Glenridge Middle School MYP Certificate of Completion. Successful completion of the programme includes passing all courses, completion of community service, and successful completion of the community project. 
Our teachers are constantly enhancing their knowledge and expertise of the MYP through a variety of professional development on campus and in collaborative workshops with other teachers from across the United States and World. 
Learn more about the IB Programme at 
If you have further questions about the Glenridge MYP please contact Nicole Deuter, or 407-623-1415 x5072224.
Who should apply?
Students zoned for Glenridge Middle School*:
All students attending Glenridge Middle School are in the MYP, no MYP application is necessary for incoming students from one of our local feeder elementary schools.  Students that are not zoned for Glenridge Middle School cannot apply for our MYP.  Students will be placed in classes based on their grades reports and state test scores.  Currently, students are placed in one of four levels: regular, advanced, honors, and high school**.  
*Elementary Schools zoned for Glenridge Middle School include Aloma, Audubon Park, Brookshire, Cheney, and some students from Fern Creek and Lakemont.  View the map of the Glenridge Middle attendance zone here 
**High School Honors is only available for grades 7-8 and requires a commitment form verifying students understand they will earn high school credit and GPA points
Students living in the Glenridge zone transitioning from private school for the 2016-17 school year:
Please complete the Application for Admission applications are reviewed on a rolling basis.  Acceptance status will be emailed within two weeks of receipt of your completed application
Students moving to the Glenridge zone from another Orange County School, another school in Florida or from out of state for the 2016-17 school year:
Please complete the Application for Admission and bring the supporting documentation when enrolling your child at Glenridge.  Proper address verification will be required to enroll.  The completed application and supporting documents will allow our counselors to place your child in the appropriate courses.   



Nicole Deuter
407.623.1415 ext. 2289