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Principal Update



Dear Golden Hawk Family,

Below is our latest Weekly Service Review (WSR). The WSR is updated each week during the school year to highlight the key indicators we are tracking for student success.  Our targeted goal is listed next to each indicator followed by our actual score for the week.  





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Weekly Service Review




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Featured Community Partners of the Week



2530 Aloma Avenue

AMF logo

Casselberry Lanes


Bagel King

1455 S. Semoran Bl.


Barnes and noble

East Colonial Dr.


chic fil a

700 S. Orange Ave



FL Basketball & Volleyball Assoc.


Firehouse Subs II

421 S. Orlando Ave.


4Rivers Smokehouse

Four Rivers Smokehouse

2003 W. Fairbanks Ave., Winter Park


golden girls logo

Golden Girls Fundraising Parties


Jeremiahs ice

Jeremiah's Italian Ice, Maitland


Master Academy

711 Orange Ave., Winter Park


NYPD Pizza

400 S. Orange Ave.


Old Fl Natl

1420 W. Orange Blossom Tr, Apopka



329 Park Ave., Winter Park


Thank you to these amazing volunteers! Their efforts were tireless! 



Maitland Place


Embroidery & Screen Printing


WP Health

The Winter Park Health Foundation

Last week at Maitland Middle

Dear Golden Hawks Family ,

The students had their last day of school this past Wednesday and the teachers were engaged in post planning during the second half of the week.

I wanted to share our 2011 FCAT 2.0 reading and mathematics results in this edition with our business partners and the PTSA. We realize that the economy remains a bit of question mark, but we appreciate our partners for sticking by us this year. On behalf of Maitland Middle School, I thank you so much for your support! It meant a lot to both the students and the staff.

Have a great week!

Eric Lundman, Principal

Principal's e-mail

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Your a district II


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Frost on Education...


"Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper or your self-confidence."

~ Robert Frost, poet




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* For our business readers. The Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test 2.0 (FCAT) runs on 1 to 5 point scale for both reading and math (below). A level 3 score is deemed proficient. Orange County Public Schools is the 10th largest school district in America (of +15,000) and the 4th largest in the state of Florida. 




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On the Company You Keep...


For years, Monterey, California, was a pelican's paradise. The town was the site of many fish canneries. In fact, it was the home of Cannery Row, a street popularized by Nobel Prize-winning author John Steinbeck in a novel of that name.

    Pelicans loved the town because fisherman cleaned their catch, discarding the offal, and the pelicans would feast on those scraps. In Monterey, any pelican could be well fed without having to work for a meal.

    But as time went by, the fish along the California Coast were depleted, and one by one, the canneries were all shut down. That's when the pelicans got into trouble. You see, pelicans are naturally great fishers. They fly in groups over the waves of the sea, and when they find fish, they dive into the water and scoop up their catch. But these pelicans hadn't fished in years. They had grown fat and lazy. And now that their easy meals were gone, they were actually starving.

    Environmentalists from the area wracked their brains to figure out a way to help the pelicans, and finally they came up with a solution. They imported pelicans from another area, the ones that were used to foraging every day, and they mixed them in with the local birds. The newcomers immediately started fishing for their own food, and it wasn't long before the starving native birds joined them and started fishing for themselves again.

     If you find yourself starving for success, one of the best ways to get things going is to be around people who are achieving success. This applies to both education and business. Spend time with them. Watch how they work. Learn how they think. You will inevitably become like the people you are around.  







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