Welcome to 4th grade! 
We look forward to an exciting school year! Below is some helpful information to ensure your child's success in 4th grade this year:
What does it take to be successful in 4th grade and move on to 5th grade?
  • A passing FCAT score in Reading, Math, and the Florida Writes
  • Positive gains in the Success maker program
  • An 85% or higher on quizzes in the Accelerated Reader Program
  • Positive behavior

What can you do at home to help your child?

  • Check your child's homework and ensure that it is complete
  • Read and sign your child's planner each night.
  • Create a routine for your child to maintain for the school year.
  • Continually ensure that your child reads for at least 30-40 minutes each night.
  • Practice basic math skills with your child in various settings.  For example: During the next shopping trip, have your child add the prices of items added to the cart to find the total. Once you cash out, compare how close the student was to the actual total.  For extended practice, try including opportunities to assist your child in learning fractions, and practicing subtraction and multiplying.

How can I help my child be successful? 

  • Ensure that your child attends school regularly.
  • Praise your student for all constructive efforts. The more effort your students puts into learning, the more likely they will perform well on tests. A positive outlook helps children do their best
  • Communicate with your student’s teacher to discuss academic progress, or any issue involving your student

Homework Expectations:

  • Students will have between 45-60 minutes of homework nightly.  Weekly homework is used to reinforce skills learned that day. It is important that all students complete homework daily
  • Homework may include problems from the subjects of Reading, Language Arts, Reading, Science and Social Studies

FCAT - Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test:

In 4th grade, students take the FCAT Reading, Math and Writing test.  Here are some FCAT tips to help your child do his or her best on the assessments:

  •  Provide a quiet, comfortable place for studying at home.
  • Make sure that your child is always well rested on school days, especially on test days.
  •  Give your child a well-rounded diet regularly. This will help ensure a healthy active mind and body.
  •  Provide interesting books and magazines for your child; reading new materials helps students recognize and understand vocabulary that might appear on a test.
  • Do not become too anxious over the test; this can cause your child to become anxious, too! The best advice you can give your child (and yourself) is to “just relax and do your best!"

 Grade Level Instructional Programs for 4th Grade:

  • Imagine It! - Reading
  • Envision - Mathematics
  • Florida Social Studies - Social Studies
  • Science Fusion - Science  
  • Write Track - Writing
 Back to school reminders…
  • Send in school supplies as soon as possible
  • Get a good night sleep
  • Eat a healthy breakfast
  • Get to know your teacher
Contact Information
The 4th grade teachers can be reached at (407) 532-7900 and the extensions listed below:
Mr. Cole 
ext. 2260
Mrs. Lamos 
ext. 2252
Ms. Le
ext. 2259
Mrs. Moss
ext. 2301
Ms. Quackenbush
ext. 2247
Ms. Stokes
ext. 2261

Upcoming Events
Stay tuned for exciting events coming up in 4th grade!

Helpful Links for Students
Imagine It!
Reading stories and activities to supplement lessons from class.
Envision Math activities to supplement math lessons from class
FCAT Explorer
FCAT preparation program
Book Adventure
Great practice for AR tests