Advanced Engineering Applications (AEA) Magnet



The Advanced Engineering Applications (AEA) Magnet includes an introduction and thorough exploration of the broad spectrum of traditional engineering fields as well as the emerging disciplines in the physical, social, and biological sciences. The new face of engineering requires verbal and written communication skills in addition to an in-depth understanding of complex mathematics and science concepts. Interdisciplinary projects and lessons drive the curriculum to stimulate student interest and involvement. Lessons engage students by using teamwork, problem solving, and the day-to-day practice of the scientific method, which is practiced by engineers everyday. 


The AEA program is strongly grounded in mathematics and the physical sciences that may lead to students earning college credit for advanced studies while in high school. Emphasis will also be placed upon the humanities and social sciences to help develop judgment and curiosity among students. In addition, students will have an opportunity to enroll in two University of Central Florida College of Engineering Dual Enrollment courses in their senior year.  AEA students follow a college-preparatory curriculum beginning in Grade 9.  Magnet students are encouraged to enroll in as many Advanced Placement (AP) courses as possible during their high school career to include: AP Chemistry, AP Physics, and AP Calculus.  The AEA students are very competitive in the college admissions process. 

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Students throughout the Orange County School District may apply for this program. Participating students enter the program as freshmen and a limited number may enter as sophomores.  Transportation is not provided for this program.


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