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With a focus on preparing students for future careers, we feel that student dress goes hand in hand with dress codes in the business world. All students should dress appropriately, modestly and in good taste.

-        ALL shirts, blouses, sweaters, and dresses must have sleeves that do not expose the
shoulders. The straps of the shirts must have at minimum three inches of material. (An index card maybe used to measure)
-        Saggy pants that expose any undergarment (shorts or boxer shorts) is out of dress code.
-        Any style that would detract from the learning environment is unacceptable.
-        Revealing fashions are prohibited, such as
-        Halter tops, strapless clothing, spaghetti-strap clothing, midriffs, see-through or mesh tops, underwear shirts, shirts with long armholes
-        Ripped or torn clothing. All pants, shorts or dresses must be free of holes from the knees up.
-        Fashion clothing with cut outs, slits or holes held together by laces or safety pins are unacceptable.
-        Shirts and tops must be a sufficient length to cover the midriff area of the student and be able to be tucked into the student’s waistband.
-        Shirts and tops must have a neckline sufficient to modestly cover the entire shoulder and chest.
-        Dresses, skirts, and shorts material for shorts cannot be higher than five inches from the knee (An index card maybe used to measure).
Clothing that is considered unacceptable includes:
-        Offensive, objectionable and/or controversial wording or symbols
-        Pictures or patches that are profane, obscene or suggestive
-        Promotes or advertises alcohol, drugs, or tobacco products
-        Association with or denotes any gang or gang related activity
-        Trench coats
-        Clothing that is too tight or revealing
Accessories that are considered unacceptable and subject to confiscation include:
-        Hats/Ski Masks/Do-rags
-        Bandannas
-        Chains on belts or wallets
-        Connected Rings or Ear Rings
-        Sweatbands
-        Stocking Caps (unless the outside temperature is 55°F or below)
-        Head/Hair wraps
-        Shoes are required at all times.
-        Bedroom shoes/slippers are unacceptable.
-        Pajamas are unacceptable.
All students are to adhere to Orange County Public Schools dress code policies. If a student is in violation of dress code, they may not attend classes that day, until the student is within the dress code guidelines. A parent may either bring a change of clothes for their child or pick up their child from school for the day. Clothes are also available through the school’s attendance office. Please take the time at home to review Orange County Public Schools’ and Apopka High School’s dress code requirements with your child. Also, please make sure each day that your child is in the proper dress code before they attend school.