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Media Specialist:  Lori Martin


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Mission Statement

The Library Media Center (LMC) is committed to: providing vital services and materials aimed at supporting the educational and personal needs and goals of students and adults in the school community; assisting them to gain the skills, knowledge and attitudes they need to master information accessing, evaluating and communication skills; and ensuring that LMC maintains up-to-date technology and equipment to serve those who seek to become effective and discerning users of information and ideas.

An Introduction to the Edgewater Media Center

The staff of the Edgewater High School Library Media Center (LMC) provides its students and faculty with the media, equipment and the services necessary to locate and use our collection of computers, CDs, DVDs, databases, books, magazines, periodicals, audio-tapes, video-tapes, slides, pamphlets, and newspaper articles.

The LMC is open on school days from 7:10am - 2:30pm.

To check out materials, students need to show a school ID card (from any year) or a student schedule. Students may check out four books (including reference books) and four magazines per day. CDs, DVDs, video-tapes, pamphlets, newspaper articles and some equipment may also be checked out.

A Quick Overview of the Library Media Center

Some of the services provided by staff members include teaching lessons to individuals or entire classes on specific topics, placing the appropriate books on reserve to support that topic, compiling bibliographies related to the topic, and assisting students in locating and using all media center resources in researching that topic. Each student may need between 3 and 10 different sources of information for their research papers, reports or projects.

We offer a for-credit elective course for students who want to work in the media center while learning how to find and organize resources; process new books; and use new computer programs.

New books are on display near the circulation desk. They may be checked out. Free new book lists and pamphlets are also on display. Faculty, staff and students are invited to suggest books for the media specialist to purchase. When the book arrives, it is processed and delivered to the individual.

Our computers provide listings by author, subject, title and accelerated reader (AR) level for our books, video-tapes, laser disks, CDs, DVDs, books-on-tape and books-on-CD. All media center computers access the Internet and can print to the circulation desk's laser printer. Full text magazine articles may be found on any subject by using the Infotrac database. Magazine articles may also be found and printed on home computers using the URL and password we have purchased. This resource can be found at: Password:  STUDENT

As of April 2009 our collection includes 22,679 books, 88 magazine titles, and the Orlando Sentinel. Our non-print collection comprises 2,163 video tapes, 172 CDs, 166 audio tapes, 340 DVDs, maps, and kits. We also have equipment that is used in our media center and some that may be signed out: VCRs, camcorders, video projectors, laser (video) disk players, DVD players, LCD + DLP projectors, computers, overhead projectors, carousel slide projectors, tape recorders, television sets, paper copying machines, a laser printer and opaque projectors.

Information About the School

Edgewater High School (EHS), located on a 29 acre campus in the College Park area of Orlando, Florida, is one of 17 public high schools in the Orange County Public School district (OCPS). As of 2009, EHS has 1900 students, grades 9 through 12, and a teaching staff of 120, half of whom have earned a Master's degree or higher. On average, EHS teachers have 15 years of teaching experience. EHS is fully accredited by the Southern Association of Schools and Colleges. According to the Senior Exit Survey, over 80 percent of EHS graduates plan to attend a post-secondary institution upon graduation.

Edgewater operates on a ten-month school-year system with two semesters, each is made up of two nine-week sessions. The school day consists of seven periods lasting 49 minutes. The students are allowed 30 minutes for lunch. Students must earn 24 credits and a 2.0 grade point average in order to graduate. They will also be required to pass the FCAT test to receive a diploma.

Edgewater is the school district's magnet school for Engineering, Science, and Technology (EST). This designation allows EHS to serve some of the best and brightest students from throughout Orange County. Many college level classes are offered in the areas of Math, Science, and Technology. During the 2006-2007 school year, there are more than 400 students in the EST magnet program. EHS has a second magnet program, Art in Technology. It is an innovative visual arts program designed for students who have strong visual art and design talent as well as interest/ability in computer technology.

EHS offers classes for students identified as: gifted, physically impaired, vision impaired, speech impaired, trainable and educable mentally handicapped, and for those having specific learning disabilities. Vision impaired and speech impaired students are served on a tutorial basis. Our student population is extremely diverse. Edgewater students span the spectrum from upper-middle to lower socioeconomic groups. For more information about the school district - click here.