Hello!  I am Michele Morgan and I am the 2-D Art and 3-D Art teacher at Oak Ridge High School.  You may wonder what 2-D and 3-D Art is about, so let me explain.

2-D Art is art work on a flat surface; height and width.  All art work is done on a flat surface.  I teach this beginning class to introduce students to the vocabulary of art through the Elements and Principles of Art: Line, Shape, Color, Value, Space and Texture.  During the first four weeks of school the students have been working with the first Element of Art, line.  We have defined specific vocabulary to art, such as the characteristics and kinds of line.  The students have had an opportunity to practice the vocabulary by first, taking a mark (line) on a piece of paper and creating a drawing, drawing contour line drawings of their shoe, creating a directional line design and an expressive line design.  Students like to play cards so what better way to show symmetry and the characteristics of line in a face playing card.  Please see the photos of the paintings that the students have created.  Next up, the Element of Art, shape.

3-D Art is about work that has height, width, and depth; something that can be seen in the round.  This class is for students who had had 2-D Art and are familiar with the vocabulary of art and are able to apply it to their sculptural works of art.  Our first project was to create a journal using the Japanese stab stitch.  The students are currently "shoe designers" and working from poster board are creating their "fantasy" shoe.  Please see photos of their show design.  Next up, Chinese quill designs with a twist.