Vision Statement

The mission of the Aviation and Aerospace Academy Magnet Program is to provide sound academic preparation for high school, college and beyond, while affording valuable career readiness experiences in the fields of aviation and aerospace. Students will be immersed in a rigorous academic core coupled with a variety of career-relevant electives complemented by student involvement in such real work world experiences as career-site field trips, job shadowing, mentor programs and internships.


Students “ACE” their introduction to aviation from JetBlue on Vimeo.

Academic Overview

Aviation and Aerospace Academy Magnet Program participants will study a college preparatory curriculum with career-path relevant electives. The components of this educational program that make it unique include academic teaming, rigorous academic coursework and a sequence of electives in Engineering Technology and/or Junior Air Force ROTC. This course of study will provide students with the opportunity to develop the skills and knowledge necessary for college and a career in the aerospace industry. This program will provide an exciting educational opportunity for students and a real-world application for learning.






Contact Information

For more information about the Aviation & Aerospace Magnet email:

Taylor Plumblee


Richard L. West



Academic Courses

List of Aviation and Aerospace Magnet courses