Welcome to the Oak Ridge Media Center
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Media Specialist:  Ms. Rosina Monteiro
Media Clerk:  Mrs. Maria Martino
Phone:  407-852-3200 ext. 6102227
We are happy to help you with projects or finding books and resources. Please ask!
·         6:30 am - 7:10 am and 2 - 4pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
·         6:30 am - 7:10 am and 1 - 3pm on Wednesdays
·         During School hours, you must have a pass and you must sign in when you come into the Media Center


·         You must have your ID to check out a book or your Student ID number
·         We are usually open for both A, B, and C lunches to make IDs unless they are testing in the Media Center.
Checking out books:
·         Students may check out up to 4 books at one time
·         Books can be checked out for 21 days
·         If a book is late there will be a .10 cents a day late fee
·         Printing is free
To Look Up a Book: 
·         Using the internet from school or home, go to www.destiny.ocps.net
·         Scroll down to the high school section
·         Click on Oak Ridge High School
·         In the top right corner, click on Login and login with your student number as your username and your birthday as your password in the format: yyyymmdd

Let us help with research:
We use the FINDS Method. Here are the Steps in the Research Cycle:
Focus on the information need
• What is the problem to be solved?
• What types of information are needed to solve the problem?
Investigate resources to look for an answer
• What are the possible sources of information?
• Which are the best of all the possibilities?
Note and evaluate facts
• What information does the source provide?
• How can you extract the information you need?
Develop information into knowledge for presentation
• How does the information from all the sources fit together?
• How is the information best presented?
Score presentation and search
• Was the information problem solved?
• If the problem had to be solved again, what would you do differently?

Mission Statement  
The mission of the media program at Oak Ridge High School is to provide resources required to support the intellectual, social, physical, and emotional development of all students in order that they may become contributing members of a democratic society.
The Oak Ridge High School Media Center offers over 20,000 print  and electronic  resources to support school, district and state initiatives, including ebooks and audio books,  encyclopedias,  almanacs, dictionaries,  atlases,  databases and periodicals.
It is the policy of OCPS and the  Oak Ridge High School Library Media Center to provide a wide range of instructional materials for faculty and students that will enrich and support the curriculum.  To reach these goals, the ORHS Library Media Center endorses the American Library Association Library Bill of Rights and Freedom to Read statements. All library media center materials, regardless of format, will be selected according to this philosophy and OCPS district initiatives. 






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