Student Pick-up and Drop Off Procedures


Please click on the links below to review and print maps of AM and PM traffic patterns we would like for you to follow.  Following these new patterns will help to get you on your way as quickly and efficiently as possible.  Please note that when picking up your child you may be asked to circle around if your child is not nearby or moving towards your vehicle.  This will allow cars that have already loaded behind you to move through quickly and be on their way while giving your child additional time to get to the pick-up area.

When it is raining during pick-up, expect two to three times the amount of cars than normal.  Please also note that NO STUDENT IS TO WALK TO A PARKED CAR IN THE PARKING LOT TO BE PICKED UP, as this presents a safety issue.  The parking lot is an unsafe area for students to be walking in.

AM Traffic Pattern
PM Traffic Pattern

Rainy Day Plan
You should have a rainy day plan in place for picking up your child from school if they are normally walkers or bike riders.  Please review the pick-up procedures as listed above.  Remember, there will be two to three times the amount of traffic as normal so it is important to follow the proper pick-up procedure.