Odyssey Middle School

2015-16 Supply List for 7th & 8th Grades

  • Required Items: 
    #2 Pencils (non-mechanical preferred)  
    Pencil sharpener (with lid)
    Glue sticks
    Wide-ruled loose-leaf paper
    Colored pencils (pack of 12)
    Cap erasers
    Yellow highlighters
    1 Pocket folder without prongs
    4 One-subject spiral notebooks (1 per nine week period)
    One package of dry-erase markers (pack of 4)


ODYSSEY 6th Grade Supply List 2015-2016



     Dear parents and guardians,
    The list below will provide your child with the necessary supplies for 6th grade. We are
    providing you with this list early so that you have the entire summer to take advantage of those
    great back to school sales!
   The list below are items that the student will need, on them and at home, to complete homework
   or projects:
           o Pencils (#2)
           o Cap erasers and 2 packs of large erasers
           o Wide ruled paper
           o Scissors
           o 2 highlighters of different colors
           o Pencil pouch with 24 coloring pencils
           o 2 hand-held sharpeners(some classrooms do not have pencil sharpeners)
   Students will need to have the following materials with them the first day of school:
          o 6 plastic duo tang folders (blue, green, red, yellow, and two other colors)  (Duo tang folders
             are folders that have both the pockets and brackets to hold papers in the center)
          o 5 Composition notebooks
    Please bring the materials and items below to either Mrs. Dy or Ms. Noblett, your science
    teacher, during orientation or first day of school:
          o 24 glue sticks
          o 1 bottle of Elmer's liquid glue
          o 2 reams of paper
          o 2 boxes of tissues
          o 1 bottle of sanitizer
          o 2 rolls of paper towels
          o 1 bottle of hand soap
          o $3.00 science lab fee per student
Thank you for your help always!
Your Odyssey Teachers