Odyssey Middle School

2016-17 Supply List for 7th & 8th Grades

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ODYSSEY 6th Grade Supply List 2016-2017



     Dear parents and guardians,
    The list below will provide your child with the necessary supplies for 6th grade. We are
    providing you with this list early so that you have the entire summer to take advantage of those
    great back to school sales!
   The list below are items that the student will need, on them and at home, to complete homework
   or projects:

2016-2017 6th grade supply list


1.       liquid glue
2.       liquid hand soap
3.       Hand sanitizer                   to be given to your science teacher for distribution
4.       1 box of tissues
5.       4 three-pronged folders with pockets
a.       Red--Math
b.      Yellow—Language Arts
c.       Green—Social Studies
d.      Blue--Science
6.       8 dry erase markers
7.       Graph paper
8.       5 Composition books with 200 total pages front/back
9.       Wooden #2 pencils
10.   Pencil sharpener with lid
11.   Blue or black pen                                                                                             to be kept with the student
12.   Loose leaf paper
13.   Scissors
14.   Ruler with the metric and U.S. customary systems
15.   Large pink eraser or multiple pencil top erasers
16.   2 yellow highlighters
17.   Extra pronged folders with pockets
18.   Colored pencils
Wish list:
1.       Roll of paper towels
2.       Ream of copy paper
Thank you for your help always!
Your Odyssey Teachers