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Successful completion of all four Criminal Justice Classes can result in 16 college credits. Community Service is an integral part of this curriculum. Required membership in OPD Boone Cadet program enables the student to earn community service hours for course credit and Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program.

Prerequisite: CCC I should be taken in the 9th grade with this course
This course is designed to introduce students to the fields of law enforcement, the court system and the correctional system. They will learn about the trial processes and interpret police ethics and constitutional laws in relation to law enforcement operations.

Prerequisite: Criminal Justice I
This course is an exploration of the multitude of careers available in the criminal justice system. Students are taught the basic skills needed for these jobs.

Prerequisite: Criminal Justice I - II
This course is an introduction to more specific career areas. Students study forensic science through crime scene investigations. Crime preventions, first aid, CPR and other community oriented topics are presented.

Four Year Plan for College Bound Students


Subject 9th 10th 11th 12th Notes
English English 1 Honors/Magnet English 2 Honors/Magnet English 3 Honors/Magnet or AP English 4 Honors/Magnet or AP  
Math ( Algebra 1 or Equivalent. ) Algebra I, Algebra I Honors, or Geometry Honors       Per Teacher Recommendation
Science Physical Science Regular or Honors or
Biology I Honors
      Per Teacher Recommendation
Social Studies AP Human AP European History
Anthropology Honors ( .5 )
Philosophy Honors ( .5 )
American History Honors/Magnet or AP Economics Honors/Valencia/AP ( .5 )
American Government Honors/Valencia ( .5 )
Magnet Required Elective Criminal Justice I Criminal Justice II Criminal Justice III Valencia Criminal Justice  
Elective Foreign Language I Foreign Language II Foreign Language II Foreign Language IV  
Summer Before or 7th Pd. HOPE Fine/Practical Art Executive Internship Valencia All classes are 1.0 credit unless indicated as .5































Optional Internship
Between the students Junior and Senior year an optional 150 hr. internship within the Criminal Justice System is available. The student can earn 3 college credits.

Dual Enrollment
CJ IV - CCJ Introduction to Criminal Justice VCC ( Grade 12 )
Introduction to and overview of history, philosophy and operations of criminal justice system. This course includes learning activities designed to ensure competence in the basic use of computers.

CJ IV Criminology VCC ( Grade 12 )
Prerequisite: CJ IV - CCJ
Study of nature and extent of the crime and delinquency, causes and explanations of criminal behavior and rational of crime control and treatment in the United States. This course includes learning activities designed to ensure competence in the basic use of computers.

Field Trips
Criminal Justice I: We will take in our local criminal justice system with visits to the Orlando Police Department, Orange County Courthouse, and Orange County Corrections.

Criminal Justice II: We will visit our State level criminal justice system in Tallahassee, Florida with visits to the Supreme Court, Capitol, Florida Highway Patrol Academy, and Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

*Our Seniors complete a Federal Law Enforcement Exploration Study with a week visit to Washington, D.C.