Clubs and Organizations




Club name                                                                Sponsor (s)

Art  Club                                                                   Ms Mauer

Anime                                                                       Ms. Ernest

B.B.C. Club                                                               Ms. Koberg

Best Buddies                                                             Ms.

Boone Crew                                                               Mr. Mitchell

Boone Dance Crew                                                     Mrs. Goranson

Bravettes                                                                   Ms. Kathleen Smith

Boone's Unique Sports                                                Mrs. Porterfield

Drama                                                                       Ms Weagly

Environmental Club                                                     Ms.  Ernest

F.C.A.                                                                       Mrs. Porterfield

French Club                                                               Dr Mami

Freshman Class                                                         Ms Bosela

F.F.E.A.                                                                    Ms. Shackleford

G.S.A.                                                                       Ms. Bosela

Hi- Lights Newspaper                                                  Ms.  Burke

H.O.S.A.                                                                    Ms. Liz Smith

Junior Class                                                               Ms. Parker

Key Club                                                                    Ms. Fisher

Legend Yearbook                                                        Ms. Burke

Math Center                                                                Dr. Tachon

Math Club                                                                   Dr. Tachon

Mu Alpha Theta                                                           Dr. Tachon

NJROTC                                                                     Mr. Robinson

Operation Smile                                                          Ms London

Senior Class                                                               Ms. Kittrell

Social Justice Club                                                      Ms. Schmidt

Sophomore Class                                                        Ms. King

Spanish Club                                                               Ms. Heiselman

Spanish Honor Society                                                 Ms. Swift

Student Government Association                                   Ms Montgomery

Teen Parenting                                                             Ms. London-Tauriello

The Haven                                                                    Mr. Radivonyk

The Young Republicans                                                 Dr. Corbin

Tri-M Music Honor Society                                             Mr Doherty

Web/Tech Club                                                             Mr. Mitchell