Transcript Ordering Information
1.    Select one of the following links that applies to you - 
2.    Fill in all information
3.    Pay for the transcript(s) through the link
4.    Ms. Roberson will receive a report each day and will order your transcript.
5.    Ms. Roberson will process your transcript to be mailed, faxed or held for pick up.
          Please e-mail or call Ms. Roberson at or 407-893-7203 or fill out this           form and return it to Boone.   Trans.pdfTranscript.pdf
If you have any questions about this process, please contact Ms. Roberson at
Phone: 407-893-7203
When Boone High School receives your request and payment, it will take 3-5 days for us to receive your transcript, process it, and either mail or have it ready for pick-up; however, please note that transcripts prior to 1990 may take longer than those after 1990. Also, school holidays can impact the processing time.Page Content
·         $5 charge for each paper copy you request- this includes mail, fax and e-mail copies  (Cash or money order if paying in person at Boone)
·         Official Transcript - $5  - 3-5 day waiting period - paper copy – sealed - can only be opened by the official requesting it from you
·         Unofficial Transcript - $5 – 3-5 day waiting period - paper copy – not sealed – for your use only – CANNOT be used for employment or colleges/universities
·         Electronic - Free - only sent to Florida Public Colleges and Universities and High Schools - 2010-2016 ONLY
·         1989-2009 - $5- only paper copies available
·         1988 and before - $5 - minimum 5 day waiting period – only paper copies available
PLEASE NOTE: Grade point averages (GPA) are calculated twice per school year: at the end of the first semester (January) and at the end of the school year (June). Class rank will therefore not be calculated and identified until the end of the semester and school year.