About PTSA


Boone High School PTSA is the one governing body that seeks to pull all groups and organizations together regardless of specific talents or interests.  Our primary goal is to Connect, Care and Celebrate the Boone High School community.

·      We aim to CONNECT parents to one another, the students to the school and all of us inclusively to the many wonderful activities and organizations at Boone.
·      We show CARE for students and families in need through our Kemosabe Kloset, bereavement efforts, support of blood drives and various outreach projects.
·      We also CELEBRATE our teachers and staff through appreciation events and our students through support of school social events, grade level programs and academic achievement activities.

Major Goals for 2011 – 2012:

1.    Increase membership through better programming, communication and outreach
2.    Support the advancement of upgrading our classroom and campus technology
3.    Launch a new freshman assimilation organization (download form​)
4.    Provide a scholarship directly from our local unit to a graduating Boone senior who is a PTSA member

Membership has its benefits including increased communication about the events and issues affecting our school, as well as opportunities to engage and volunteer your time and talents. You can choose to be an active participant or simply contribute your funds help which support our many worthwhile programs.


- SAVE THE NEW DATE!  The April PTSA General Membership Meeting has been changed to April 26th.  Our Annual Meeting with Election of Officers will be held at Barnes and Noble on East Colonial to coincide with our "Nookfair".  The meeting will begin at 6:30 p.m.  Click HERE​ for the flyer.

- Scholarship Opportunity – Boone PTSA is proud to offer for the first time, (3) $500 scholarships available to graduating, senior Braves who are also members of the Boone PTSA.  Applications are available in the guidance office, on the school website under the Parents/PTSA/About Us tab.  You can also apply on-line at www.parentteacher.net . Hit the “Log In” button in the upper right hand corner and enter organization code: BooneHS. If you are not currently a PTSA member, it is not too late to join.  Membership forms are available in all the same locations.  Applications are due by March 2, 2012.  Application attached.·         The Nominating Committee is looking for interested candidates to serve on the 2012 – 2013 PTSA Executive Board.  They need everything from officers to committee chairman and basic committee members.  You must be a member to apply.  Interested parties should email 1st VP, Sarah McClane at shmcclane@yahoo.com .  They will be preparing a slate for presentation to the general membership by March and elections will be held at our general meeting in April.  

Scholarship Application PDF​

- Kemosabe Kloset is in need of gently used or new hoodies and warm weather clothing, as well as belts.  

We will be having a Sweetheart Luncheon for the custodial and cafeteria staff at Boone on 

Thursday, Feburary 16th and we need your help!

Please let me know what you can bring!  

There are two list organized by drop off day, time and location!

Drop off on Wednesday, February 15th in the front office no later than 2:30 pm:

50 red plates

50 red or pink solo type cups

50 pink forks and pink knives 

Valentines themed red, pink and white dinner napkins                                           

4 round red plastic table cloths

4 round pink table cloths

1 thing of coffee/Styrofoam cups

Drop off to the teacher lounge located by the Junior/Senior Cafeteria on 

Thursday between 1:15 pm and 1:30 pm.  

The side gate on Mills (just after the portables but before the gym) will be open so you can pull in quickly and drop off items.

4 Large pepperoni pizza's cut into 8 slices

4 baked lasagna's or ziti (one vegetarian)

2 large Caesar salads w/dressing on the side

3 doz bread sticks w/ Alfredo dipping sauce

4 gallons sweet tea

2 gallons unsweetened tea

3 dozen homemade desserts of some kind