School Advisory Council
The School Advisory Council (SAC) is composed of the principal and a balanced number of elected teachers, education support employees, students, and parents, along with appointed business and community people, who are representative of the ethnic, racial, and economic community served by the school.
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Meeting Agendas and Minutes:

Boone HS 020717 Agenda.pdfBoone HS 020717 Agenda.pdf

Boone HS 011017 Minutes.pdfBoone HS 011017 Minutes.pdf

Boone HS 011017 Agenda.pdfBoone HS 011017 Agenda.pdf

Boone HS 051016 Agenda.pdfBoone HS 051016 Agenda.pdf

Boone HS 083016 Agenda.pdfBoone HS 083016 Agenda.pdf

Boone HS 10112016 Agenda.pdfBoone HS 10112016 Agenda.pdf

Boone HS SAC 051016 ApprovedSACMinutes.pdfBoone HS SAC 051016 ApprovedSACMinutes.pdf