CTE Cords
If you have taken 3 Career and Tech Ed courses in one program during your High School career you are eligible for the CTE honor cord.  In order to purchase this cord you must see Mrs. Parker in Student Services by Monday April 3rd to identify yourself as having completed the required courses.  She will confirm then give you the ordering information.  If you have questions please email Mrs.Parker at amy.parker@ocps.net

Senior Class is so excited to kick of the 2016-2017 school year!
School events start August 1st with the opportunity for the Class of 2017 to buy parking decals from 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm. On August 2 Braves are Back for the Class of 2017 will take place.
This event provides the opportunity to:
• Buy a parking spot in the senior lot.
• Check out your laptop for the school year
• Order your Senior Class of 2017 t-shirt and preorder a Class of 2017 Senior girls t-shirt
• Sign up for Senior Class Council.
• Apply to be the 2016-2017 Mascot!

As Seniors, we’re the top of the school. Let’s make sure we dominate this year and show that our class is the best at Boone. Let’s set a new record for most blood donated during a school term; you can donate blood on September 19th, November 14th,  February 6th  , and April 10th.  This year we want to break the record for most money donated for Kiss the Pig. This event provides food for the holidays for needy families in our Boone Community. We want Mrs. Montgomery to Kiss That Pig! Homecoming Week is  October 3rd -  8th, and with that comes all the festivities and competitions we know and love. We definitely want to dominate at kickball again!
Let’s make sure the class of 2017 shows up to these competitions  and wins everything!
This year will undoubtedly be great and with your help and participation, it can be the best one Boone High School has ever seen. Come join us at Braves Are Back and Rush Week to sign up for Senior Class Council and  see the many ways you can help us make this a year to remember!
Brandon McCoy
Senior Class President
Braves, as you go into your senior year please be aware of the potential costs of the school year’s many events. This way you can plan accordingly and enjoy your last year on the reservation, as well as all of the events planned!  Remember, these are merely estimates.