What is the Medical Academy?

The DPHS Medical Academy is designed for students wishing to pursue careers in the medical/health field. We have specific “tracking” courses that students are required to take each year to prepare them for college and/or post high school employment. Through the students four years, our course offerings enable students to earn the credits required for graduation. Job shadowing, senior projects, guest speakers, and field trips that focus on the medical field are also an essential part of the program. Teachers from various departments volunteer to teach Academy students, working together to offer a cross curriculum approach with an emphasis on the medical fields.

How do I get into the Academy?
The Medical Academy is not part of the magnet program so student must live in the Dr. Phillips High School district or be currently enrolled in one of Dr. Phillips magnet programs. Students already enrolled at Dr. Phillips can pick up an application from Ms. Downs (room 302) and turn it in by the due date. Students at our feeder middle school can pick up an application during their spring presentation or from their guidance counselor.  Transfer or private school students may pick up applications from Ms. Downs (room 302).  Applications can also be requested through email at Jennifer.downs@ocps.net
What are the requirements to get in?
Applications must be filled out completely in order to be considered for admission into the program! Attendance, discipline and grades are verified and are a part of the application, as well as teacher recommendations and the required essays. All students must maintain a 2.5 GPA, and monitoring will be done each nine weeks. A minimum of two honors or AP classes must be taken each school year.
How do I find out if I’m accepted?
Applications are due in the spring of each school year in order to properly schedule the student’s classes for the next year. Once processed, all applicants will receive notification through either an email or phone call.
What classes are recommended for someone in the Medical Academy?

Algebra I or higher
Physical Science/Biology I
English I
Social Science
Foreign Language (at some point Latin I must be taken)
Algebra II or higher
Chemistry/Physics/Anatomy & Physiology Honors
English III
American History
Health Science II (Community & Enviro. Health)
Approved Elective
Geometry or higher
Biology I/Chemistry/Physics
English II
World History
Care & Prevention/First Aid & Safety
Latin II (or second year of another language)
Trigonometry/Analytical Geometry or higher
Science Elective (honors)
English IV
American Gov't/Economics
Dual Enrollment or 3 approved elective classes
What else do I need to know?
Once you are a member of the Medical Academy, you will be expected to participate in Academy activities. These include our welcome meeting (held on Open House night in the fall), Academy Awards (held in the spring), special events such as Relay For Life fundraiser, job shadowing and senior projects, and Dress For Success days (students wear Academy clothing). Students whose grades, attendance, participation, or behavior fall below Academy standards are either placed on probation or dismissed from the Medical Academy. Ethical violations are simply not tolerated and you will be dismissed from the academy.  Cheating or plagiarism in any class will also result in immediate removal from the program.

In general, students enjoy the school within a school camaraderie that the DPHS Medical Academy fosters among this select group of motivated, success-oriented students. Lifelong friendships blossom and alumni often return as guest speakers. The entire Academy staff cares very deeply about these special young adults and parent participation is welcome.