The Mathematics Department of Dr. Phillips High School is a team of well- educated, dedicated teachers who strive to provide our students with the tools of mathematics necessary for them to become successful High School students and productive young adults. We provide a wide variety of course options- suited to all levels of ability. (See tracking options listed and pictured below).


Students are expected to attend class daily, come to class prepared  with the appropriate materials and be respectful of the teacher’s time.

Homework is assigned, in most classes, on a daily basis; tests, quizzes and projects are given at appropriate times. Individual teacher preferences are noted in each class syllabus. Many of our staff members offer tutoring help before or after school on a regular basis. We are committed to doing all we can to contribute to the success of our students at Dr. Phillips.


Math Department Tutoring is every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 2:20-3:00.
North Campus is 1212 South is 3-209